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Even Clouds Like To Play
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Children's Story: Even Clouds Like To Play by Sheila Helliwell
Kevin laid on the grass in the back garden looking up at the sky. It was a beautiful warm summer's day with white puffy clouds drifting by.
Kevin was the baby of the family, having two older Brothers and a Sister.
Most of the time he was very happy but on days like these his siblings had gone out with their own friends and he found the house quiet and boring.
Kevin knew he should make more of an effort to make some friends of his own, but the only children that lived near him were girls.
The house next door had a Sold sign on it, so with a bit of luck, maybe a family with boys would move in.
Kevin gave a big sigh. "I wish I could float around in the sky all day like you clouds." he said aloud.
One little cloud stopped drifting with the others and just hovered above him. "Hey little cloud, you had better catch up with the rest," Kevin said with a chuckle." The cloud started to stretch itself into funny shapes and Kevin laughed.
Children's Story: Even Clouds Like To Play by Sheila Helliwell
"I must be asleep and dreaming because clouds can't do that," Kevin thought. He blinked several times, but knew he was awake.
"Hey little cloud, can you hear me?" he asked.
The cloud bobbed up and down as if to say yes.
Kevin sat bolt upright. "Oh, boy this is fun." he thought.
"Can you make yourself into an aeroplane?" he asked the cloud.
The cloud stretched until it really did have the shape of an aeroplane.
"How about a bird?" Kevin asked next.
Again the cloud stretched until it looked like a bird.
"Try a house," Kevin said eagerly.
This took the cloud longer but in the end not only did it stretch into a square shape but it had a pointed roof.
Kevin and the little cloud spent ages playing together until the sun went behind some big dark clouds.
The little cloud suddenly stopped playing and seemed to shake.
"What's the matter?" Kevin asked.
The little cloud started to move quickly away but it was soon surrounded by the larger black clouds.
Kevin heard his Mother calling him to come inside as it looked like rain, but he was far too worried about the little cloud to notice the odd spot of rain.
Every time the little cloud tried to break free one of the black clouds pushed him back.
The biggest black cloud shot a bolt of lightning straight at the little cloud and it seemed to split into several pieces. Kevin shouted at the black clouds to leave the little cloud alone, but if they could hear him they didn't take any notice.
The little cloud gathered itself back into one piece but it was clearly very scared as it was shaking. Kevin didn't know what to do. "How could he help a cloud up in the sky?"
"Leave him alone you big bullies," he shouted and he heard the same shout come from the garden next door.
A head appeared over the fence and a boy about the same age as himself asked. "What can we do to help the little cloud?"
"I don't know," Kevin replied.
Both boys looked up worriedly just as the black clouds started to squeeze themselves into a tight ball. Surely the little cloud would be squashed into nothing?
Just as the boys feared the worst, several huge white clouds scudded across the sky followed by dozens of smaller ones. The black clouds started to move away quickly and the sun suddenly came out again.
Children's Story: Even Clouds Like To Play by Sheila Helliwell
As they moved away they separated slightly, just enough for the little cloud to slip through. It quickly made its way towards one of the big white clouds and Kevin saw it disappear into the cloud.
"Do you think it's his Mummy?" the boy next door asked.
"I don't know, but at least it's safe now." Kevin said with relief.
The clouds slowly drifted away and Kevin was pleased to see that there was no sign of the black clouds at all.
The boys chatted over the fence for ages and decided to keep what they had seen to themselves, as they knew people would think they were mad if they told anyone. Kevin went indoors with a big smile on his face.
"I see the family next door have moved in," his Mother said.
"Yeh" Kevin replied, "And guess what, they have a boy called Chris, the same age as me."
"That will be nice for you Pet, let's hope you two make friends," his Mother said hopefully.
"We already have," Kevin said with a chuckle.
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