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Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief
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This is the continuation of the mystery story after the museum robbery of the golden pheasant by Ben de Hallenbaque with Awesome Dawson on his trail.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Awesome Dawson returned the priceless golden pheasant statue to the owner without the valuable palladium egg inside.
Ben de Hallenbaque had removed the 5-pound egg and sold it for 160,000 Swiss Francs to an illegal buyer in Zurich, Switzerland, and stored the statue in the local bank.
Ben was careless and not aware that there was a tracking chip inside the pheasant and Dawson easily located the pheasant and recovered it for the anonymous billionaire owner in New York City.
Ben had travelled to Monaco to gamble his fortune and Dawson was clever enough to determine where he had gone and why.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Ben was a shrewd gambler and intended to stay in Monte Carlo, Monaco, for at least a month to spend or gamble away the money from the egg.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
He rented a luxury yacht to live in and had his meals delivered to the boat each day.
He gambled at the Casino de Monte-Carlo every evening.
What a cushy life for an ex-con!
Meanwhile Dawson had flown to Monte Carlo and disguised himself as a waiter at the casino.
He went to the gambling room and saw Ben placing bets, but he had no evidence to arrest him.
The golden pheasant had been returned to the rightful owner and the palladium egg was no longer in Ben's possession.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
The chief use of palladium is in automobile catalytic converters.
Palladium is also used in the fuel cells of electric cars as the catalyst to generate electricity through a chemical reaction between the hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air.
The egg had been melted down into a sheet of palladium and sold to Mercedes Benz to use in their automobile manufacturing.
Dawson knew that patience was key to catching Ben. So, he decided to wait for Ben's next attempt at art theft and catch him with the goods.
First, Dawson would have to find an opportunity to plant a chip on Ben, so he could track his whereabouts.
Dawson, being very proficient, achieved this task easily while serving him a beverage.
Dawson expertly removed Ben's bulging wallet full of cash and placed a tiny tracking chip inside the hidden pocket of the wallet.
Then, a while later, he returned for Ben's refill and replaced the bill-fold inside his coat pocket, unrevealed.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Awesome Dawson Miller returned to Ottawa, Canada, to resume his work as secret Agent 008, while waiting for Ben de Hallenbaque to make a move.
During the first month of waiting, he arrested an international spy and had him deported.
Later, he apprehended his former nemesis, Dr. Nez, who had recently escaped from jail.
Dr. Nez was seeking revenge on Dawson, who had him arrested for jewellery theft.
Lastly, he arrested a female arsonist for starting a building fire and he was burned extinguishing that fire.
He took time off and went to visit his proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, in the Yukon while recovering from his burns.
After a week at his birthplace he received a tracking signal that Ben de Hallenbaque was on the move to Paris, France.
Dawson guessed that Ben would try to steal a valuable article from the Louvre Museum, and he was spot on. He flew to Paris the next day and went to the Louvre.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
After 10 weeks in Monte Carlo, Ben had finally spent most of his money on luxury items and gambling. He was down to his last ten thousand Swiss Francs after paying for his yacht rental.
He drew up a plan to steal the gold Crown of Empress Eugenie, with diamonds and emeralds set in it, from the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Ben contacted one of his French forger pals to make a duplicate of the crown.
His plan was to switch the fake with the original crown that was being exhibited.
It took the forger 3 weeks to create the fake crown out of imitation gold and forming glass pieces into diamond shapes for the 2400 diamonds and 56 emeralds in the real crown.
After completion he delivered it to Ben, who was residing at a hotel near the Louvre.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Dawson tracked Ben to the hotel with the signal from the hidden chip he had covertly placed in Ben's wallet.
Dawson watched the path when Ben went inside the Louvre to familiarize himself with the area where the crown was exhibited in the Galerie d'Apollon.
This was helpful to Dawson as it provided a clue to Ben's whereabouts and what art piece he was planning to steal in the extensive Louvre museum.
He then went to the Galerie d'Apollon himself to possibly determine what items Ben was planning to steal.
He saw the French Crown Jewels' stunning display and immediately believed that Ben was planning to steal pieces from that collection.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Ben's plan was to steal the Empress Eugenie Crown during peak period of visitors on the busiest day of the week, which was Mondays, because the Orsay Museum was always closed on that day.
Dawson identified himself and informed the Louvre team of guards assigned to the Galerie d'Apollon that Ben de Hallenbaque would try to steal some pieces of the Crown Jewels the coming Monday of the next week.
They laughed at the information and boasted that no person could ever get away with any item in the museum due to the strong security. They were badly mistaken.
Ben disguised himself as a fragile old man in a wheelchair, wearing a huge hat and being wheeled in by his cohort.
They entered the Museum and passed through the security system on the busy Monday morning and went directly to the Gallerie d'Apollo.
He was wearing the fake crown covered by the huge hat and he had a blanket on his lap.
His partner parked him next to the Crown and walked away to create a disturbance and draw the guards to him.
He started to yell and sing loudly, attracting the guards.
Then, when no one was looking, Ben jumped up, grabbed the Crown, and placed the fake crown in its place in a matter of seconds.
He sat back down with the real crown in his lap under the blanket.
It was a bold move, and he did it successfully.
Then he casually wheeled himself out of the Galerie undetected.
Awesome Dawson expected the robbery when he saw on his tracking devise that Ben had gone into the Galerie and stopped there for a while.
He also knew Ben probably would be disguised in some manner, but he wasn't sure how.
He went inside the Museum towards the Galerie room when a feeble old man in a wheelchair slowly went past him.
He entered the Galerie and saw the guards were surrounding a man who was causing a commotion; he saw that it wasn't Ben de Hallenbaque.
He quickly realized that this man was only creating a diversion, so Ben could escape.
He looked at the Crown Jewel display and there was nothing missing from it, so he started to leave.
Then a visitor, who was looking at the display, shouted out, "It's a fake."
Dawson came back to the gentleman and said, "What do you mean?"
He replied, "Those diamonds on the Crown of Eugenie are glass." he said.
"I should know as I am a glass worker."
Dawson thanked the man, knowing now that the Crown had been stolen, and rushed out to the Museum exit after the handicapped man.
He was not too late, as Ben had been wheeling himself slowly through the large and crowded Museum to avoid drawing attention to himself.
Needless to say, Agent 008, better known as Awesome Dawson from the Yukon, stopped Ben de Hallenbaque from stealing the valuable Crown of Empress Eugenie with the evidence in his lap.
Pierre Rosenberg, the President and Director of the Great Louvre, personally thanked Dawson for saving the Crown.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Tracks An Art Thief by Dennyk
Ben was convicted and put into a French prison where he did become a feeble old man, just as disguised for the robbery.
Agent 008 returned to Ottawa, Canada, and received a promotion to Captain for his excellent work.
The End

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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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