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The Gitchy Gitchy Goo
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Children's Story: The Gitchy Gitchy Goo by Paul Ray

In the jungles of the Long Laffmenny -
By the river of the Flimflampoo;
Near a mountain called the Wooyaskinny,
Are the people called the Gitchy Gitchy Goo.
They are happy folk with cheeks like cherries -
They have rings of gold that hang under their nose;
They eat fancy food that's mixed with berries,
And their feet always have sand between their toes.
When the women folk cook Goo fried liver,
Then the men will hunt an antelope or boar;
And the children go bring sand in from the river,
For a festival that night they have in store.
Later on they get the tables ready
As the men prepare a fire and cook the beast;
Then they eat cooked bamboo like it is spaghetti
While the children bring out goat milk for the feast.
When they all sit down there's silence then a blessing,
Then they eat up all the boar with its big snout;
After that they eat leaf salad with some dressing,
Then they all jump up to dance and sing and shout.
"Goo Roo Goo Roo Gitchy Gitchy Goo
Rumbo Gumbo Ne-Kee Le-kee Loo
Nak-ki Raki-ki Mik-ki Nau-To-Rae
Humbo Gumbo Ne-kee-Me-Lo Say!"
Then drums go "bum bum bum bum" as their sounding
While the sand is spread out over on the floor;
Then they dance on sand to soften all the pounding
As they stomp and sing to God again once more.
"Goo Roo Goo Roo Gitchy Gitchy Goo
Rumbo Gumbo Ne-Kee Le-kee Loo
Nak-ki Raki-ki Mik-ki Nau-To-Rae
Humbo Gumbo Ne-kee-Me-Lo Say!"
As they sing this verse and others 'round the campfire,
With the flames all shooting straight up toward the sky;
Faith is seen where missionaries did inspire
From the words they sing to God who's up on High.
"The people of the Gitchy Gitchy Goo
All thank you God for everything you do
Not one of us is worthy of your light
But help us God be pleasing in your sight!"
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About Paul
Paul has been writing poetry since childhood and has published several books of poetry, surprisingly he works in real estate.
He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He has been married to the same "lovely angel" for over thirty-two years with whom he has two terrific young adult kids.
Many of his poems were inspired by his immediate family.
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