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Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four
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Walking along the mysterious pink trail, the caveman and cavegirl develop the ability to speak and soon realise they are old friends from across the galaxies.
But they are so engrossed in their talks, they fail to realise the path is narrowing and the blue trees are looming around them...

Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four by Rajeev Bhargava
As the pair made their way along the mysterious pink pathway, they soon developed the ability to speak.
The cave girl told him that she had known him for a long time, on various occasions.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four by Rajeev Bhargava
From their first meeting in another solar system on the planet Agron-16, when they had discovered a magical lamp and how, when he had rubbed it, a stupendously giant violet coloured mammoth had appeared.
She explained that it was a form of intergalactic transport that had taken them on a 'Cab-Ride' to outer-space, to the Milky-Way, so that they could get to know each other better.
They became good friends after that.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four by Rajeev Bhargava
In response the caveman began to remember when, in a previous incarnation of a humanoid tropical goldfish, on the planet Beton-09, he had encountered an underwater dragon-snake and was saved by an underwater fish-princess.
They had driven it away using their super-powers.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four by Rajeev Bhargava
He went on to tell her that how, after that, they would sit on the bottom of the sea-bed for hours, just getting to know one another, and how they became good friends.
Upon hearing this, she looked into his eyes, then smiled in astonishment, and replied,
"That was me too!"
And so, fate had brought together the two friends again, on planet Earth, but just where had they materialised to this time?
It appeared as if they were on another planet.
They were so engrossed in one another's company that both failed to notice the blue protruding tree branches along either side of the narrowing trail begin to move and in an instant, began to release a strange essence.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Four by Rajeev Bhargava
The caveman soon found himself beginning to change once again, and regenerate into his true extraterrestrial form.
He even had his own costume with his initials on either gloved-hand.
A moment's silence and then he turned to the cave girl, smiled and said,
"Greetings cave girl. My name is..."
"Digilitis Sapien; I know."
Just then, she suddenly evaporated into thin air...
Where did the cave girl vanish to!?
Will our hero be able to trace her again?
Does the answer lie at the end of the pathway?
Find out next time dear readers, in Chapter Five, the conclusion of Digilitis Sapien.


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