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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee by Linda Farrelly

"GRANDAD! Bring the fly swatter; I need you to help me!
It's just flown in through the window, a great big bumble bee.
Quick before it stings me, it's getting nearer." Elliot said.
"OH NO!" he called out, "now it's underneath my bed."
Grandad called from downstairs, "Whatever's all the fuss?"
Basil just lay in his drawer, because bees can't sting a bus.
"Open the windows wider," Basil yawned "let it fly away,
Bees wouldn't live in all this mess so it isn't going to stay!"
Grandad rushed upstairs and peered around the door.
"I was helping your mum" he said "what did you want me for?
Bees won't hurt you" Grandad said, "If they use their sting they die,
Just shoo it out" said Grandad, "and give it a chance to fly."
"I hate things that fly around me when I can't see them." Elliot said,
"What use are they anyway?" The bee flew onto the bed,
"Get some paper" Grandad smiled "encourage it a bit,
Waft it towards the window." Elliot nearly had a fit!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee by Linda Farrelly
With the bee safely outside Elliot didn't make a sound,
He watched it through the window as it crash landed on the ground.
Grandad stood there smiling, "I think it's more afraid of YOU!
Bees are important" Grandad said "they have a job to do."
"A JOB!" gasped Elliot, "do you mean bees have to go to work?"
"They spend all day" smiled Basil "watching humans go berserk!"
"I'll tell you later" Grandad said "now I have a lot to do,
When I've finished helping mum I'll explain it all to you."
As Basil flew out of his draw his bell began to ping,
"It's a new adventure" Elliot said, and Basil gave another ring,
Grandad fetched the shrinking powder, and Elliot began to shrink,
They flew out of the window and were gone within a blink.
They flew into the bright blue sky; the sun was beating down.
Elliot thought he heard a buzzing noise, and he began to frown.
"I hope that bees not coming with us; there's a buzzing." Elliot said.
Basil glared, "That's not a bee it's me! My dashboard's glowing red!
We'll have to land" said Basil, "what can be wrong with me?"
He gave a swoop, pulled on his brakes, missing a nearby tree.
"The buzzing stopped" said Elliot "when we came into land."
Basil frowned, "That's strange, I seem alright, I just don't understand!"
"Oh, you've arrived then have you? You certainly are slow!"
"Who's there?" said Elliot, "Did YOU make my dashboard glow?"
"Of course I did" the voice said "you were taking far too long,
This is an emergency, and your directions were all wrong!
I'm in the tree" the voice said "come inside and you will see."
Elliot scrabbled through the branches, "NOW can you see me?"
"You're a caterpillar!" Elliot gasped, "Sitting on a leaf!"
"Full marks" the caterpillar said, "the bees call me the chief."
"THE BEE'S!" gasped Elliot in dismay, "I don't like bees." he said.
It was then that Elliot noticed the caterpillar had two heads,
The caterpillar glared, "Don't stare, it's very rude you know,
It's not my fault that I'm special, I didn't ask for THAT to grow.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee by Linda Farrelly
My name is Nibble, and my spare head is called Jim,
I'm the one who does the talking so don't bother about him."
"I SHALL TALK IF I WANT TO!" Jim shouted "Don't tell me what to do!
I'm only quiet because I'm not as big headed as YOU!"
The two heads began to argue and created quite a fuss,
"STOP!" shouted Basil, "Why have you called for us?"
Before the heads could answer a loud buzz filled the air,
Elliot began to panic as bees circled everywhere.
A bee flew up to Elliot, and he looked him in the eye,
"Don't be afraid of me," he smiled "I wouldn't hurt a fly.
You are here to help us; at least that's what the wizard said,
Our Queen bee is very ill, and may very soon be dead.
Without our Queen to rule us, and take care of the hive,
None of us will live for long, we just won't survive.
You have to make her better; you have to cast a magic spell,
The wizard said you'd help us and that you could make her well.
I'm Buzz, I'll take you to her and then you can both see,
But don't forget that she's a queen, you must treat her regally.
We are honey bees; our job's to feed the queen to keep her alive,
We collect Pollen from the flowers and take it to the hive.
We turn it into honey to last the whole year through,
Do you have any questions? I will try to answer you."
Elliot asked, "Why do you buzz so loud? Is there pollen everywhere?"
Buzz smiled, "Our wings flap 12,000 times a minute to keep us in the air.
There's pollen in every flower, we visit 2,000 every day,
We take all the pollen from them and then store it all away."
"Are you a bubble bee?" asked Elliot "do you have a sting?"
"Bumble bees are furry" Buzz said, "and usually have a bigger wing,
Only worker honey bees can sting, not like me I am a drone."
"Have you two finished?" Basil moaned "we'll never get back home!"
"I'll take you to the Queen, but I must warn you though," Buzz said,
"she is very bossy, and doesn't know she'll soon be dead."
"BUZZ! BUZZ!" a voice called out "I need some more food,
Get over here and feed ME!" Elliot gasped "HOW RUDE!"
"FETCH ME ANOTHER BLANKET!" the Queen yelled," I'm cold again,
BUZZ! Come and shield me, I think it's going to rain.
Where are YOU, you stupid drone, why don't you answer ME?"
"Your Queen sounds awful" Basil said, "this I have to see!"
"Can we watch?" said the caterpillar "she's never seen a bus."
"She won't like it," Nibble said; "she'll make an awful fuss."
Basil flew over to the hive, and then he peered right in.
Armed with a sting, a worker bee fired one right at him.
It bounced off Basil's body work, and the Queen bee gave a yell.
This made Basil jump back and he began to ring his bell.
"WE'RE BEING INVADED! Get the honey!" the Queen began to shout.
She gave a gulp and then a gasp, and then the Queen passed out.
"What happens now?" said Elliot, "Should someone find a fan?"
"While she's passed out" said Basil "I'll fix the problem if I can."
"It started a week ago," Buzz said, "the Queen started with a sneeze,
She kept saying that she was cold, and then began to wheeze.
The bee hive needs a constant temperature of 93 decrees,
We bees are very delicate, and if it drops we freeze."
"Elliot," Basil said, "use the shrinking powder and crawl into the hive."
"WHAT!" said Elliot, "You must be joking, I won't get out alive!"
"I can feel cold air blowing; I think the hive has got a hole."
You must go in and repair it" Basil said, "to get things under control."
"Take these honey combs" said Buzz, "they will help with the repair.
I'll control the worker bees, I'm right behind you, I'll be there."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee by Linda Farrelly
The hive was dark and eerie; the smell of honey filled the air.
The worker bees were busy, and didn't notice they were there.
"I can see a hole!" said Elliot, "The wind is blowing through."
"Take the honey combs" said Buzz, "and I will show you what to do."
Soon the hole was patched up, and the hive was warm again,
As Elliot climbed out of the hive it began to rain.
The rain beat against the hive, and the queen's eyes opened wide.
"You must go before she sees you" Buzz said, "find place to hide."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 47 - The Queen Bee by Linda Farrelly
"It's getting warmer," the Queen said, "and strangely I feel well.
Have I been asleep?" she asked "I thought I heard a BELL!"
"You were dreaming" called Nibble, "In the land of Nod" said Jim,
"Our job is done" said Basil, "come on Elliot just jump in."
They sailed into the blue sky; their home was soon in view.
As they sailed into the bedroom Grandad was in there too.
"I've come tell you about bees" he said, "and all about their hives,
I thought you'd like to know about them, and how they all survive."
"Don't bother" grinned Elliot "I've just met quite a few,
If YOU would like to know more about them I'll explain it all to YOU!"

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