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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly

It was spring, the sun was shining and it was a lovely sunny day,
Elliot was feeling very bored, but Basil wouldn't play,
"Let's go outside" said Elliot, "and find something to do!"
"It's far too windy" Basil groaned, "and I'm much smaller than you.
The wind could carry me away; it could blow me anywhere,
I'm much happier in my draw; it's much safer in there."
"I KNOW!" exclaimed Elliot, "let's go and fly my kite,
I've not had chance to fly it yet and the weather is just right."
Elliot opened up his cupboard draw and put a big box on his bed,
"I had this for Christmas from Aunty Joyce, it's brilliant." Elliot said,
As Elliot took the wrapper off Basil could only stare,
As the ugliest face he'd ever seen draped over Elliot's chair.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
"THAT'S HORRIBLE!" Basil gasped, "what's THAT supposed to be?"
"It says Ghost Kite" grinned Elliot, "I've seen this on TV,
All my friends have got one, it's amazing" Elliot said,
"It's really scary" Basil gulped, "stick it underneath the bed!"
"There's loads of string" grinned Elliot, "it will fly really high,
It will look amazing as it's soaring through the sky.
I'll ask Grandad to help me; he'll know what to do,
I'm sure he'll take me to the park; please say that you'll come too."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
Grandad was pleased to help him and they didn't go too far,
Basil, still quite grumpy, wouldn't get out of the car,
Grandad unfurled the kite, and Elliot began to run,
"BASIL COME AND WATCH!" he called, "this is so much fun."
'Oh the poor birds,' Basil frowned and he began to ring his bell,
'I have to help them' Basil thought, 'I need to cast a spell.'
Basil shone his headlights and the kite began to shake,
Basil watched on grinning as the string began to break.
The kite soared into the sky, free from Elliot's grasp,
Thank goodness Basil thought, that thing has gone at last.
Elliot stood there open mouthed as his kite flew away,
"Where has it gone?" gasped Elliot, "I've only played with it ONE DAY!"
"That's gone forever" Grandad said, "it could land anywhere."
Elliot was so distraught, but Basil didn't care,
"Can we go home now?" Basil asked, "let's play indoors instead,
It's far too cold and windy here, and I'm very bored." he said.
Several days had passed by when Basil's bell began to ring,
"A new adventure" Basil said, and he gave another ting,
Elliot picked up the shrinking powder, and he began to shrink,
He climbed on board Basil and they were gone within a blink.
They sailed through the bluest sky Elliot has ever seen,
Basil swerved and landed on a pretty village green,
"WATCH IT!" came a loud voice, "you must keep out of sight,
It will come when you're not looking and give you such a fright!
I'm behind the tree" the voice said, "come and hide with me,
I'm behind the Oak" the voice called, "there's just room here for three."
Basil revved his engine, "BE QUIET!" the voice called out,
"Now you've made me cross" it said, "AND you've made me shout!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
Elliot dashed behind the tree, and Basil hovered in the air,
Elliot was amazed to see a strange man standing there,
"KEEP DOWN!" the man shouted, "you must keep out of sight.
You're just a boy" the man said, "you must keep your eyes shut tight.
Don't let the monster see you, he could be anywhere!
Don't look up in case you see him flying through the air."
"A flying Monster!" Basil gasped, "does he have huge wings?" he said,
"I don't know" replied the man "I've only seen his head!"
"Just his head!" frowned Basil, "I think he's magic." the man said,
"We've never seen a body, all we've seen is his huge head,
He hovers in the sky each day, children won't play outside,
This used to be a happy place but now all they do is hide!
Its eyes are dark and scary, its mouth as black as night,
It comes when you're not looking and then disappears from sight,
It first came about two days ago, and my wife had heard of you,
She asked the wizard for your help; please tell us what to do."
"ARE THEY HERE...IS THAT THEM?" a loud voice bellowed out,
"FLO! KEEP QUIET" yelled the man, "I told you not to shout."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
A strange lady ran over, with a broom stick in her hand.
"You must be Basil" the lady grinned, "welcome to our land.
I was sweeping up the kitchen floor when I saw you touch down.
You're not scared of monsters are you?" said Flo with a frown.
The wind began to blow and a strange sight came into view.
"THAT'S THE MONSTER!" shouted Flo, "what are you going to do?"
Elliot's mouth dropped open wide, and Basil gave a grin,
"THAT'S MY KITE!" yelled Elliot, "don't be afraid of him.
It's just a toy, it's made of plastic, it's not real, it can't hurt you."
"IT'S COMING CLOSER!" Flo called out, "and it's staring at you two."
"Do something Basil!" Elliot said, "fly up and bring it down."
"WHAT!" yelled Flo in dismay, "BRING IT DOWN TO THE GROUND!
You will have to kill it first, before it comes down and kills US,
You're supposed to be the hero, a very special MAGIC bus."
Basil revved his engine, and then he began to shake,
"It's just a toy" said Elliot, "calm down for goodness sake."
"I don't like the way it looks at me" said Basil with a glare,
"This is your fault" he stuttered, "it should just remain up there!"
Basil was still shaking as he took off from the ground,
The children ran outside to watch him, but no one made a sound,
As Basil sailed higher he got caught in the kite's string,
"IT'S GOT HIM!" Flo shouted, "will somebody do something!"
The kite began to sway, and Basil swayed as well,
"HELP ME!" shouted Basil, "its string is caught around my bell."
The wind began to blow, and the kite began to climb,
"SOMEONE HELP ME!" Basil yelled, "magic can't help this time."
"We need to cut the string" said Elliot, "are there scissors anywhere?"
"I can find some scissors" Flo said, "but how will you get up there?"
The wind began to die down, and the kite string began to sway,
Elliot grabbed Flo's broom to reach the string, but it just flew away.
Basil flashed his headlights and the broom began to sway,
"HOLD THE BROOM TIGHTLY!" Basil yelled, "be prepared to fly away."
The broom began to judder, and Elliot held on tight,
Soon both the broom and Elliot were soaring high in flight,
"I'M FRIGHTENED!" Elliot shouted, "the brooms flying far too high!
IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!" he yelled out as it circled across the sky.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 57 - Up Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
"GRAB THE STRING!" yelled Basil, "next time you circle round,
THEN JUMP OFF THE BROOM! when you are near the ground."
"NO FEAR!" Flo shouted out, "that broom means a lot,
I'LL CATCH YOU" Flo shouted, "that's the only broom I've got!"
The wind began to die down, and the broom began to dip,
"I can reach the string" said Elliot "if I move up the broom a bit."
Elliot reached out his hand and grabbed the kite string tight,
He grabbed on with his other hand and pulled with all his might.
"I can reach the broom" Flo shouted as the children gathered round,
"If we all pull together we can pull it to the ground.
Catch the kite strings" she shouted, "and I'll hold on to the broom.
DON'T WORRY Elliot" she called, "we'll have you down here soon."
The monster kite began to flap and hurtled toward the ground,
Basil, still caught up in it, didn't make a sound,
The children all began to gasp as the kite came into land,
Elliot stood there beaming with the broom stick in his hand.
Basil huffed and gave a groan as Flo cut Basil free,
"I think," she said triumphantly, "your release is down to me!"
As the kite lay on the ground the children gave a grin,
"I can't believe," a small boy said, "that we were all afraid of HIM!"
That was fun the children all agreed and wanted the kite to stay,
"You can keep" it Basil groaned, "I'm not taking that away."
Basil revved his engine, and Elliot grinned and shook his head,
"Now my kites gone" Elliot smiled, "could I have a magic broom instead?"

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