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Kookaburra Kittys Birthday Celebration
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Finally, Kookaburra Kitty's 'BIG DAY' has arrived, namely her birthday.
However, when she ventures downstairs, she finds her animal friends seated around the dining table, seemingly oblivious to her special occasion.
Her dignity and pride take over and she resorts to giving hints such as to sing 'Happy Birthday to me', but even Joey had not remembered. What on earth is going on?

Children's Story: Kookaburra Kittys Birthday Celebration by Rajeev Bhargava
It was March 2nd, which meant it was kookaburra Kitty's Birthday.
She got out of bed and plodded wearily to the full-length mirror, walked right up to it then gazed up and down at her reflection and sang,
"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to dear me, Happy Birthday to me."
She chuckled then went to freshen up in the bathroom.
Later that afternoon, as she served food to her animal friends around the dining table, she glanced across at them from time to time, humming her birthday tune, to give a reminding clue to them of her big day, but they all seemed oblivious and continued with their meals.
Joey the marmoset, being the eldest and most responsible, sensed something was on Kitty's mind.
"Is everything alright?"
"Yes, of course!" Her voice trembled as she continued. "Why shouldn't it be alright, hmm?
I mean...I mean."
Kookaburra Kitty's emotions got the better of her and she left the dining room abruptly. The others gazed at one another with lost looks on their faces, shrugged, then carried on eating.
Kookaburra Kitty rushed upstairs and into her room, she locked the door and suddenly burst into a fit of tears. She had too much dignity to remind them.
"How could they forget it's my birthday today?"
She pulled out a handkerchief and blew her nose.
Just then she felt an excruciating pain in her abdomen and cried out.
In a short time there was the sound of rushing feet and the door handle turned, followed by continued knocks on her door.
Children's Story: Kookaburra Kittys Birthday Celebration by Rajeev Bhargava
"Are you alright, Kitty?" It was Joey.
She painfully reached out and unlocked the door.
Joey rushed in and said, in a huffed voice "I heard a loud cry. Hey, what's the matter? You don't look well."
As Kookaburra Kitty stared back at him, he saw her eyes appeared dull.
"Joey, I appreciate your concern, but...I'll be alright. Now you go on down and look after the children."
Joey folded his arms and turned his face sideways.
"I always obey you, but now, when you're not well, how can I possible leave you alone and join the others? No, I'm going to the chemists and buy you some vitamins.
But the only thing is; I don't have any pocket money."
She smiled at his innocent face, momentarily forgetting her pain, and replied,
"Yes, I suppose you have now reached age when you can make your own decisions.
Alight, you may go to the local pharmacy; my handbag is in my top cabinet drawer.
You can take five pounds and buy a small bottle of Abidec."
He smiled and gave her a hug.
"Oh, thank you, Kitty, now, I'll make you well in no time, you'll see."
He got the money and rushed downstairs and out the house, then headed straight to the local pharmacy.
The moment Joey had left, Kitty walked up to the mirror again, winked at her reflection and smiled, then said to herself,
"Isn't it amazing how far a little bit of play-acting goes? Tee hee hee."
In fact, the idea was to buy some "free time" to give her animal friends a big surprise. Being an excellent planner, with outstanding organisational skills, she had planned her idea for a children's birthday party one month in advance, by pre-ordering a beautifully decorated chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake with icing, moulded in the form of none other than herself.
Also on the "goodies list" was a special plain white vegan ice-cream from Sweden and tooti-frooti sweets, assorted crisps and delicious banana flavoured smoothies, and these were just a few of the more choice ones.
Kitty gazed at the wall clock; it was 1.00 P.M precisely.
Just then a large bakery van pulled up at her front door.
She got momentarily excited and ran downstairs, to find all her animal friends crowded at the foot of the stairs, staring back up at her with bewildered looks on their faces.
Cindy the cockatoo instinctively called out,
"Mind the stairs, Kitty, Caaw Caww. Mind the stairs, Kitty, Caaw!!"
Simone', the red squirrel, being the youngest rushed up and hugged her tightly, then broke into a fit of tears.
"Oh Mummy," she said, sobbing, "We..we're all so sorry, we didn't realise it was your..."
"Sshh!!!" called out the others simultaneously.
Just then, Kitty saw the reflection of a man in a white baker's dress approach the door, immediately followed by the sound of the doorbell.
"Quick everyone, inside the living room! Quickly, please!!!"
They all marched in then Kitty rushed to the main door and opened it.
A baker in a baker's hat stood before her.
He smiled, turned around and called out to his delivery team, who were outside the large van.
Kitty watched as they emerged carrying her goodies into the house.
She pointed to the kitchen. Her eyes lit up at the large cake and she smiled.
"Er...on the kitchen table, and very carefully please."
Within fifteen minutes, everything was delivered safely.
The baker then took a bow and left.
Children's Story: Kookaburra Kittys Birthday Celebration by Rajeev Bhargava
"Alright children, you can all come out now!"
The living room door opened and she gestured to the kitchen.
Simone', who was first out, opened the kitchen door very slowly and his eyes widened with ecstatic joy.
"Wow!!! Quickly everyone, it's party time!!!"
"Ahem", said Kitty folding her arms. "Aren't you all forgetting something, hmm?"
Simone' gave her another tight hug and looked at the others; they all called out simultaneously,
"Happy birthday, dear Kitty!"
"Thank you all very much; now, tuck in and enjoy!"
Just then, the doorbell rang again.
She opened it to find Joey standing there with her Abidec, and behind him stood a tall dark figure in top hat and cloak, holding a wand.
"Happy birthday, Kitty. Meet Marlo the Magician! Oh, and by the way, I knew all along you were well. You just wanted some time to arrange a party for us, because you did promise us one on your last birthday. I just wanted to add some fun in the evening!"
"Oh, I love you Joey, thank you!" She gave him a hug and he blushed.
They all spent the rest of the day, eating, drinking, and celebrating.
To top it all, enjoying a special magic show arranged by none other than Joey, being the eldest and wisest.
Children's Story: Kookaburra Kittys Birthday Celebration by Rajeev Bhargava

The End

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