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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly

"I've got a BIG secret" Elliot grinned, "Basil promise not to tell."
"YOU'RE the only one I talk to." Basil said, and rang his bell,
"Oh NO I'm not," smiled Elliot "you talk to Grandad too,
You mustn't tell him this though whatever you do!"
Basil was very inquisitive and flew down to Elliot's bed.
"Its Grandad's special birthday soon, a BIG birthday" Elliot said,
"Grandad would love to drive a train; he loves the smoke and steam,
So Mum's arranged for him to do it, it's been his childhood dream."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
"IS THAT IT?" said Basil "it doesn't sound much fun to me,
Sitting on a smoky pile of tin is the last place I'd like to be!
Trains are dirty smelly things, is that really what he wants to do?"
Elliot grinned, "Oh you don't want to come then? I was taking you!"
Basil went very quiet and hovered above the bed,
"Well Grandad is very special, I'll come and watch." he said.
'I should get him a present' Basil thought, and his bell gave a ting,
"A new adventures on the way." said Basil with a ring.
Elliot took the shrinking powder and he began to shrink,
He climbed on board Basil, and they were gone within a blink.
They sailed into the bright blue sky until smoke filled the air.
"There's something going on" said Basil "look Elliot, down there!"
"There's too much smoke" said Elliot, "I can't see a thing."
"I'll try to land" said Basil, and a bell began to ring.
"GET OFF THE TRACK!" a loud voice called, "a train is coming through,
BRAKE, BRAKE!" the voice called out, "or it will be the end of you!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
There was a squeal, a screech of brakes, and Basil flew into the air.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" a voice yelled out, "I didn't see you there,
It's a good job my brakes are new, and work well," the voice said,
"Why didn't you see me, you could have both been dead!"
Basil felt quite shaken as the smoke began to clear,
"I could have killed you!" a timid voice said, "It's my fault you are here,
I asked the wizard for some help, and he said he'd send for you,
He should have told you," the voice said, "what I wanted you to do."
"It's a train station" Elliot grinned, "Junctions End" he read,
"It's the home of steam trains, my days are over" the voice said,
"My name is Chug, I'm the oldest train but I don't chug anymore,
My engine is all rusty, and every bit of me is sore."
"HE'S TOTALLY PAST IT!" the loud voice bellowed out,
"He's only good for firewood; I'm what new trains are about.
I'm a diesel train, the latest thing, and I go really fast,
Those plodding days of steam engines are just part of the past.
My name is FLASH, and I can zoom, I'm very comfy too,
It's plain to see every part of me is shiny and brand new.
I can't stand here talking; I must get on my way,
I've got lots of passengers to carry, and I can't be late today."
Flash zoomed along the track, and Chug stood there looking glum.
"I've been off the rails for so long now that my wheels won't run,
I sent for you to help me, but it's pointless now" Chug said,
"I've just received a letter" his voice was full of dread.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
"The Station Master's sent it to me, my chugging days are through."
"Think Basil!" Elliot said "there must be something we can do!"
"He says I'm far too old" Chug cried "he's retiring me today,
I wish that I was young again, could your magic find a way?"
"Magic won't help you" Basil frowned "what's needed is hard work."
Elliot glared, "And I know who's doing that!" Basil gave a smirk,
"Your boiler is corroded; all your engine does is clang,
When the water starts to boil up your engine will go bang!
It needs to be cleaned from inside to get all the rust out."
"Don't look at me, I'M NOT GOING IN." said Elliot with a shout,
"You can shrink" said Basil "I'll give you a brush."
"Try not to hurt me" Chug said, and then started to blush.
"Just be careful," Chug frowned, "don't hurt yourself for me."
"He'll be fine" said Basil "he'll just jump inside and see."
"Give me the brush then." Elliot groaned, Basil smiled and gave a ring.
As Elliot climbed inside he called, "I CAN'T SEE A THING!
It's far too dark in here" he said, "and I don't know what to do!"
"Just brush the rust off" Basil said, "I'll shine my lights for you."
"The pistons are all choked up, and I've lost the brush head,
I need a spade to clear the rust off, this is hopeless." Elliot said,
There was a lot of clanging, and a bang or two,
"You're tickling me" Chug called out, "I can feel you're getting through."
"We need some oil" said Elliot, "all his joints have seized up tight."
"I can help you there" said Basil, and he switched his lights on bright.
Lots of oil came flooding in, "Be careful" Elliot said,
"It's getting very slimy and that oil just hit my head!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
I think I've done" Elliot called, and he climbed out with ease.
"It feels so much better" Chug said "now that I can breathe."
"Right Chug, start your engine," Basil called, "the water levels high.
Elliot, shovel some more coal in, and let's see this engine fly."
"IT'S WORKING!" Chug called out "can you see the steam?
You're amazing" Chug said, "better than my wildest dream."
Basil flashed his headlights, and chug went back onto the rail.
"LOOK AT ME, I'M MOVING!" Chug called out, "my engine can't fail."
Then Chug's face went blank, and a tear came to his eye,
"My body work looks awful though." and he began to cry,
"Oh I can help with that" said Basil, what colour would you like to be?"
"Red and Blue" smiled Chug, "I think that might suit me."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
Basil flashed his headlights, and they shone the brightest red,
When he saw his reflection Chug gasped, "Is that me?" he said,
"TRAIN ON THE TRACK." came the station masters yell,
"That looks like Flash" said Chug, and he began to ring his bell.
"KEEP CLEAR," the station master called, "Flash has broken down,
There's another train due soon, it's just a mile away from town."
"Shovel some more coal in Elliot, I have to tow him," brave Chug said,
"Basil can change the points, and let Flash go on ahead."
Basil did as he was told and little Chug began to steam,
He trundled down the railway track, and Elliot's face began to beam.
"SLOW DOWN!" Elliot shouted, "I've got the tow chain in my hand."
As Chug pulled Flash to safety the crowds cheered, he felt so grand.
"Where did you come from?" the Station Master said,
"I haven't got a new train in royal blue and red!
You look to me like little Chug, my very favourite train."
"It is ME!" grinned Chug, "I'm back on the rails again."
The Station Master scratched his head, "What have they done to you?
You look like you did years ago, when you were brand new,
I asked head office to repair you, they must have heard my plea."
"Thank you" stuttered Flash, "for your help in saving me."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 40 - Off The Rails by Linda Farrelly
"Meet my new friends" Chug said, "their hard work made me new.
I would like to introduce my friends Basil and Elliot to you."
"My friends," the Station Master said "my wish is your command."
"I would like something" Basil said, "if I explain you'll understand."
After a few moments Basil came back with a grin,
"We have to leave you now." he said, and Elliot climbed in,
"What's in that blue bag?" Elliot said, "Did you get something for free?"
"It's an Engine drivers hat" Basil smiled, "Grandad's present from ME!"

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