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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
It was very quiet in Elliot's bedroom as Basil flew out of his draw.
As he looked around the bedroom Elliot was lying on the floor.
"WHAT'S THE MATTER?" Basil gasped, and he flew down to take a look.
"SSH!" Elliot muttered "I'm trying to read my book.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
It's a very scary story" Elliot said, "It's about a naughty ghost,
Grandad gave me three books yesterday, but I like this one the most."
Elliot got up from the floor and sat down on his bed.
"I like stories" Basil smiled, "read it to me." Basil said.
Elliot read: "The ghost jumped off the toy box, and began to stare."
"What toy box?" Basil glared, "and how did he get in there?"
Elliot continued, "The boy screamed when he saw the swinging hook."
"SWINGING WHAT?" gasped Basil, Elliot groaned and shut his book.
"I'm half way through this story," Elliot said, "so stop annoying me."
"I want to listen" Basil moaned, "start again then I can see."
"Find something to do" groaned Elliot, "why don't you go and play?"
"It's a stupid story" Basil muttered, "Ghosts aren't real anyway.
I'm really bored" said Basil "can't we play a game?"
"It's too wet" muttered Elliot "we can't play in the rain."
Basil was hovering around the bedroom when his bell began to ring.
"A new adventure." Basil grinned and he gave another ting.
"You will have to put your book down now! We must get on our way,
Your ghost will have to wait a while, until another day."
Elliot took the shrinking powder, but he was making quite a fuss.
"Sometimes Basil," Elliot said, "you are the most annoying bus!"
They flew out of the window into the murky sky,
The houses below grew small as they quickly passed them by.
"I have an awful feeling" Basil said, "that we are heading out to sea,
If I get water in my engine it will be the end of me!"
As they passed over the choppy sea a town came into view.
"I'm going to land" said Basil "before we get wet through."
Basil glided in to land and touched down by the shore.
"That was lucky" smiled Basil as Elliot opened Basil's door.
Three children ran to greet them as Elliot began to grow,
Elliot didn't see them staring, and so he didn't know.
"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" one shouted, "Is it a magic trick?
Please show me how you did it, because I'd like to grow a bit!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
Elliot went very red, no one had seen him grow before.
"I'll show you later." Elliot blushed as he closed Basil's door.
"Have you sent for us?" asked Basil, "what do you want us to do?
The wizard must have sent us here so we can help you."
The oldest boy began to speak, "My name is Josh," he said,
"I made a secret wish last night before I went to bed,
We have a lighthouse nearby, its saved so many in our town,
Our Mayor has now decided that he wants to pull it down.
Captain Jack has disappeared, and the small boats won't go out,
Our lighthouse used to save them if there were rocks about,
Its light would always shine the way to safety from the rain,
The mayor has now decided it will never shine again.
Captain Jack's the lighthouse keeper, he worked there every day,
When he heard that it was closing he just yelled and ran away,
Everybody loves him and we don't know what to do,
Please say that you can help us, the mayor might listen to you."
"Take us to the lighthouse" Basil said, "We'll try to sort this out."
"We'll show you the way", Josh said, "if there's a boat about."
"A BOAT?" gasped Basil, "We'll walk, that's much better for me."
Elliot grinned, "A lighthouse Basil, is in the middle of the SEA!"
Basil's eyes went a funny colour, first green then very pale,
"You know that I get sick," he said, "if I have to sail."
"There's an old boat in the dock, you'll be fine." Josh said,
"Elliot's the tallest, he can steer, AND look ahead."
They all climbed into the old boat and headed out to sea.
Elliot moaned, "This wheel is hard to turn, it won't listen to me!"
The boat bobbed along the water, and then it dipped a bit.
"I HATE THIS!" Basil shouted "I'm going to be sick!"
"We're nearly there" called Josh "the lighthouse is just ahead.
There's something in the window! I can see it." Elliot said,
"Old Jack might be right" Josh gasped; "I've not seen it before."
Elliot landed the boat, and stood by the lighthouse door.
"You've not seen WHAT?" exclaimed Basil, Josh was looking grim,
"TELL ME NOW!" shouted Basil "or I'm not going in."
Josh gulped; "Jack said that it was haunted by the old man of the sea."
"A GHOST!" Basil yelled, "You didn't mention THAT to me!"
"BACK ON THE BOAT!" called Basil, Elliot could feel his face turn red,
"I hate boats and sailing, and I don't do GHOSTS" Basil said,
"You said you didn't believe in ghosts!" said Elliot with a grin,
"Follow me, I'll lead the way, I AM going to go in."
The children followed Elliot, and Basil flew behind.
They climbed up many steps, not sure what they would find.
"We're almost there" said Elliot "we are nearly at the top."
"There's a funny noise" gasped Basil, "will everybody STOP!
I heard somebody say OOOO, and I thought I saw a shape."
"There's nothing there" said Elliot, "calm down for goodness sake."
"LOOK!" exclaimed Basil, "Can't you see it over there?"
"That's nothing" grumbled Elliot "just a blanket on a chair!"
"It's moving!" whispered Josh, and the shape began to sway.
"I'm a ghost," an eerie voice said, "this is my lighthouse GO AWAY!"
The children all jumped back with fright, and Basil could only stare.
As Elliot tripped on the blanket, and crashed down on the chair.
"OUCH!" came a loud cry; the blanket began to rise.
Josh tugged on the blanket and could not believe his eyes.
"IT'S CAPTAIN JACK!" he shouted "whatever's going on?"
"I'm a ghost" said the feeble voice, "now all clear off, BE GONE!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
Basil flew around the strange shape, and it fell on to the ground.
Elliot pulled the blanket off, and no one made a sound.
Lying on the lighthouse floor with a face full of dismay
Lay Captain Jack the lighthouse keeper, not quite sure what to say.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
"I thought you were the mayor" he stuttered, "He's coming here today,
I wanted to save the lighthouse and frighten him away,
He's bringing some builders," said the captain with a groan,
"I thought if it was haunted, he would leave it alone."
"HELP!" a voice yelled out, "WE'RE DROWNING!" The voice said,
They all raced to the window and could see a boat ahead,
"It's heading for the rocks, it's going to crash." the captain gasped,
"I can't use my lights to save it like I have done in the past.
The Mayor made me switch them off, whatever will I do?"
"Come on Basil," Elliot said, "we'll put our trust in you.
Basil, put your headlights on, and let them glow the deepest red,
You can lead the ship to safety and make it miss the rocks ahead."
Basil shone his headlights, the captain could not believe his eyes,
The brightest lights he'd ever seen just shone across the skies,
The boat was steered to safety and the flustered mayor got out,
"YOU WERE WONDERFUL, MARVALOUS." they all heard him shout.
"How could I have been so stupid, the lighthouse has to stay!
Captain Jack, you are a hero for saving us today,
When we all get back to shore I'll let everybody know,
Our lighthouse will shine forever; we will never let it go."
As they climbed into the boats Basil gave a sigh,
"I'm not going back in that!" he said, "This time we will fly."
Elliot began to shrink so he could climb into the bus.
The children stood there staring, and were making quite a fuss.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 49 - The Haunted Lighthouse by Linda Farrelly
"HOW DO YOU DO THAT?" they asked, "tell us before you go."
"There are something's" Basil grinned, "it is best that you don't know."
Basil flew into the bright blue sky, and the children waved goodbye.
He circled around the lighthouse and disappeared into the sky.
Soon their home came into view, and Basil landed on the bed.
"What a great adventure, I enjoyed that." Elliot said,
"The captain was very happy, he could not believe his luck.
Now Basil you can go to sleep whilst I finish my book."

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