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  When A Pig Became A Horse
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Children's Story: by
Once upon a time there was a little pig named Jeremy, who was not welcomed by the other animals on the farm.
Jeremy was always sad because the other animals, like the chicken, ducks and geese always laughed at him because of his ugly face and fat body.
One day a boy came to the farm with his family.
When the boy saw Jeremy he fed him the rest of the ice-cream he had not finished eating.
Jeremy loved eating very much; he did not hesitate and ate it straight away.
After eating the ice-cream something magical happened to Jeremy.
He suddenly became taller and stronger; he felt that something was different.
He walked down to the lake and looked at his reflection in the water.
Strangely, Jeremy had become a horse!
On one hand he was very anxious; on the other hand he was extremely excited, because horses were his idols.
He had always wanted to run as fast as the horses and be as cool as the horses.
His dream had come true!
The next day Jeremy was chosen by a horse trainer because of his muscular body.
In the following months he trained very hard for his first horse race.
Though the training was tough, Jeremy enjoyed it very much.
He wanted the chicken, the ducks and the geese to regret how they had treated him.
Children's Story: by
In his first race Jeremy ran as hard as he could, and won.
He was very proud when he received the winners' medal.
He became very popular and the newspapers called Jeremy an 'incredibly talented horse'.
He had a lot of fans.
One day Jeremy returned to the farm; he received a very warm welcome from all the animals.
The chicken, the ducks and the geese even asked Jeremy for his autograph.
"No way! Oink oink, I'm not going to give you my autograph; you were not very nice to me before I changed. Oink oink," Jeremy answered.
The chicken, the ducks and the geese were so shocked at Jeremy's response that they fainted.
He then proudly walked away and signed autographs for the other animals.
The End
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