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  Two Cold Rabbits
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Children's Story: by
Two rabbits live in the same forest, a boy and a girl rabbit, but they are both very shy so they don't know each other.
Sometimes they see each other in the distance through the trees but they are too nervous to say hello.
It's winter and the forest is dark and cold so all they have to eat are a few berries.
There is a very heavy snow fall which leaves a deep layer of snow on the ground so the boy rabbit can only find a few berries each day.
When he sees the girl rabbit it is obvious that she is very hungry because she is getting thinner and thinner.
While searching for berries he sees a hole in the snow and thinks 'this must be the girl rabbit's home, tomorrow I will leave my berries for her.'
He does this every day for a month.
On the last day he decides that he must eat some of the berries because he is now very thin but he takes the rest to the girl's home.
Children's Story: by
When he arrives, she is there too, she also has some berries.
They look at each other confused.
They shiver and stare at the snow, until finally the boy says,
"I have left berries here at your home for you every day for one month, yet you still look so thin, why?"
The girl replies "But this is not my home, I thought it was yours, so I left berries here for you. I haven't eaten for a whole month!"
The boy says, "This is not my home either!
If neither of us ate the berries and we are both always hungry, why are the berries always gone?!"
Children's Story: by
Just then a big fat rabbit comes out of the hole.
He is so fat that his belly covers his paws and his ears look small next to his big round face, and he wobbles when he walks.
The fur on his chin and around his mouth is covered in purple berry juice.
He looks in surprise at the boy and girl rabbits outside his home.
"Oh, so it's you two who kindly leave berries for me every day!" he says cheerfully. "Thank you!"
The boy and girl rabbits are open-mouthed in shock.
"No we didn't leave them for you!" explains the boy "We left them for each other, but we made a mistake!"
"Oh, I'm sorry" says the big rabbit, "I thought they were all for me!"
He then he goes back into the hole.
The boy and girl look at each other sadly.
They can't believe one rabbit had so much food when they had none.
But then the big rabbit comes out of his hole again, holding two huge jars of jam.
"I ate a lot of them but I used the rest to make this, please help yourself!"
The boy and girl rabbit laugh and sit down to eat the jam.
Just then the first flower of spring comes through the melting snow.
The girl rabbit smiles happily.
"I think from now on we will be OK" she says, "and we have made new friends."
They lived happily ever after, covered in jam.....

The End
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