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  Toodles The Pink Poodle
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Children's Story: by
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, yes it was Elva Mae Ryan walking Toodles the Pink Poodle, and behind them were 6 Dalmatians, their spots were pink. What a funny sight.
Shop owners came out for a look as Elva Mae, Toodles, and 6 Dalmatians passed by.
Everyone standing on the sidewalk pointed, and many held their tummies laughing, as Elva Mae, Toodles, and 6 Dalmatians walked by, blowing big bubbles with their pink bubble gum.
Elva Mae stopped at the Pink Belle outdoor café. I could not hear what she said to the man at the booth. Toodles and the 6 Dalmatians sat quietly as Elva Mae spoke softly to the man in the booth.
The man at the booth escorted Elva Mae, Toodles, and the 6 Dalmatians to the table next to the big iron gate. They all sat down at the table. The sun shone very brightly at their table. Elva Mae put on her big pink sunglasses.
Elva Mae took out seven pairs of pink sunglasses just like hers and put one pair on each dog. They all looked so funny in their big pink sunglasses.
It seemed like only a few minutes had gone by when several waiters came from behind the big tree next to the door. They had the biggest pink cake you have ever seen. It had tiny white marshmallows and 2 large pink candles on it.
One of the waiters had on a pink bow tie and started singing happy birthday. Soon all the waiters joined in. The waiter with the pink bow tie set the pink cake down in front of Toodles.
Everyone in the Pink Belle outdoor café sang along. As they finished singing, everyone clapped. As I listened to the clapping, I noticed everyone had on pink gloves. I looked over at Toodles, blowing out her candles. She was so happy.
I turned as I heard Elva Mae laugh loudly. I followed where she was looking. It was Toodles; she had pink birthday cake all over her face with a white marshmallow stuck to her nose.
Elva Mae, Toodles, and her 6 Dalmatian friends had fun that day. They left the Pink Belle outdoor café, each with a pink balloon tied to a pink sparkle bracelet. As they passed each shop, everyone said, "Happy Pink Birthday, Toodles"!
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