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  The Wishing Well
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Once, in a village near a forest there was a wishing well, but there had been rumours about ghosts in the village that led everybody to abandon the village. Being left alone for too long and nobody to drop a penny and wish in it, the well lost its power to grant wishes.
After many years, the rumours subsided and people began to come to live in the village again and after a while the village became crowded and people came to wish in the well again.
But the poor well could not grant wishes and it was very sad about it.
One day a nine-year-old girl came to make a wish, she dropped a penny and wished with all her heart:
"Oh wishing well please grant my wish!
I'm so alone and sad,
my parents are too busy,
I've no brothers or sisters
where I live is the village's far end.
so I've got no friends!
I want a cute little puppy to play with!
and that is my wish!
Oh, wishing well please grant my wish!"

The girl went away hopefully. The wishing well liked the girl very much and wanted dearly to grant her wish, but it couldn't and the well was so sad about it the it started to cry.
By chance a blue fairy was passing by when she heard the well crying.
She stopped and flew down to the ground and said "Oh dear well, what's the matter with you, you are the wishing well, you make so many people happy by granting them wishes, you should not cry."
"That's exactly my problem" sobbed the well "I want to grant wishes but I've lost my power of granting them."
"I see." said the fairy thoughtfully, "well I'll see if I can do anything."
"Oh thank you." said the well hopefully.
The fairy flew to the wishing mountain and upon reaching there she looked for the old turtle that deals all wishing matters.
She found him under a rock and went over to him and said.
"OH great wishing turtle, I came here to request you do something"
"What?" said the old turtle
"Well" said the fairy "there's a wishing well which has lost its power of granting wishes and wants very much to have them back, can you help it?"
"Take this liquid and throw it into the wells water, its a wish-granting liquid, it will give the well it's power back" said the turtle giving the fairy a bottle.
"Thank you" said the fairy and flew away to the well.
"Hey wishing, see what I've brought" said the fairy.
"What" asked the well excitedly
"It's a wish-granting liquid, it will give you your power back" saying this the fairy dropped the liquid into the wells water.
"OH thank you so much" said the well happily.
"You are welcome" said the fairy and flew away.
The well immediately granted the girl's wish.
The next day the girl came back to the well, she was holding a little white and fluffy puppy in her arms.
She came closer to the well and said, full of happiness, "thank you very much, oh wishing well."
Then she ran away to home.
The well felt wonderful, it looked towards the sky and said "Thank you very much,OH blue fairy."

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