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  The Naughty Dog
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Children's Story: by
"We have to be leaving, boys," Taylor and Sam's Mom called from the hallway.
They dropped their cereal bowls in the kitchen sink and picked up their backpacks on
the way out of the back door, slamming it shut.
A jar of blueberry jam and a jar of nutty peanut butter had been forgotten in the
morning rush, they were still sitting on the breakfast table instead of being put away in
the refrigerator.
"Blueberry," Nutty said, "I'm going to jump off this table and onto the floor, do you
want to come with me?"
"My glass jar might break when I land on the floor," Blueberry said.
"You won't break because I'll show you how to jump, watch me."
Nutty stood at the edge of the breakfast table and took a deep breath. "Here I go."
He spun himself around and twirled to the wooden kitchen floor.
"Did you watch me?" he said as he glanced up to see Blueberry looking over the edge of
the table.
"I did, but your jar is made of plastic and it won't break like mine."
"You have to be brave otherwise you'll never have any fun."
"Okay, you've talked me into trying it."
She looked around the kitchen for something to help her down instead of jumping off
the table like Nutty did.
There was a kitchen chair at the end of the table with a purple sweater hanging on the
side of it.
Blueberry twirled herself onto the chair and leaned on the sweater to slide down to the
wooden floor, landing beside Nutty.
"Phew! I made it."
"You did well. Now, let's go down the hallway."
They glided along the wooden floor until they came to the family dog, Julius. He's an all
white Husky with lots of fur.
"Grrr. What are you doing in my house?"
Blueberry shook with fear. "Um, we-we came from the k-k-kitchen table."
Nutty stayed quiet, he didn't like the dog's growling.
He had seen this dog's tongue licking his cousin's peanut butter jar clean.
Pumpkin, a Siamese cat with cream fur, dark brown ears and a very long tale, strolled
along the hallway to where Blueberry and Nutty stood by Julius.
She walked around them, sniffing.
"You both smell good, what are you?"
Blueberry's lid was loose and when Pumpkin sniffed her, she felt her lid tip a little.
"Nutty," she whispered, "is your lid screwed on tight? Mine isn't."
"It feels tight, but we may have a problem with yours.
Pumpkin is on her way back to you for another sniff."
Pumpkin's nose knocked Blueberry's lid right off.
"Oh! No, no. She's licking me! Yuck, stop that. Nutty, help me."
"Excuse us," Nutty said, "we have to be moving along."
"No," Pumpkin said, "you're not leaving just yet."
She turned to Julius. "You have to try this."
"I like peanut butter." Julius walked around Nutty's jar.
"We need to slide away from the big guys," Nutty whispered to Blueberry
"Soon, please."
Pumpkin and Julius argued about sharing the jars in front of them.
"I said, just a try," Pumpkin said. "I'm not letting you have half."
"Okay," Nutty said, "go, Blueberry, back to the kitchen."
They slid along as fast as they could go to an open cupboard door.
Pumpkin sniffed the wooden floor for Blueberry while Julius sniffed for Nutty.
There was only a slight smell because the two had slid away so fast.
In the far corner of the cupboard, Blueberry and Nutty clung to each other, praying the
cat and dog wouldn't find them.
"Pumpkin," Julius called, "they're around here somewhere. I can smell peanut butter."
"That means blueberry is close by as well." Pumpkin licked her lips. "Yum-yum."
Julius went to the breakfast table and stood with his paws on the edge of the table.
He spotted a knife with something on it that smelled really good. He dropped to the
floor, pulling the red and white chequered cloth with him.
Julius spotted the knife laying close by. "The knife," he said and then he carried it to the
corner and licked all the peanut butter off.
My, that was good.
"Where did you go?" Pumpkin asked. "I can't find Blueberry."
She turned to smell Julius and found peanut butter on his breath.
"You stinker, you found what you wanted but you didn't give me a single thought."
"That's not true. I found a little peanut butter on a knife, that's all."
"I'm getting bored looking for them. Good-bye."
"Okay, Pumpkin," he called after her as she jumped onto the counter to go out of the
open window. "I'll let you know if I find those tasty jars."
He turned back to the cupboard and pried the door open with his long nose.
"You two can come out of the cupboard now."
Blueberry and Nutty looked at each other in the semi-darkness.
Nutty whispered, "Do you believe him?"
"I'm too afraid to go out there until our family comes home."
"It's me Julius wants," Nutty said, "so I think I'm going to show my face and give him a
chase. I'll be back before you know it."
"Nutty, please be careful."
As Nutty stepped out of the cupboard, a car door slammed shut and kid's excited voices
could be heard at the back door.
]ulius glanced at the tempting peanut butter jar that was so close to him but decided the
family would be angry with him if they saw him chewing on it.
He pushed the jar with his nose to the tablecloth on the floor and left Nutty looking as if
he had fallen off the table when the cloth fell.
Taylor and Sam came rushing into the house feeling hungry. Sam opened the
refrigerator door looking for the jar of blueberry jam, but couldn't find it.
"Mom, where's the blueberry jam?"
"It was on the table this morning. It might still be there," She called from the next room.
Blueberry knew it was time for her to leave the safety of the cupboard.
She slipped though the open cupboard door and peaked around the corner of the
cabinets to see Nutty on the floor by Taylor's feet.
"What happened here?" Taylor asked, staring at the mess on the floor.
Blueberry slipped over to Nutty's side.
"Taylor," Sam called out. "The jar of jam it's by your feet, but it's missing its lid."
"What are you two doing on the floor and why is the table cloth on the floor?"
Taylor asked.
"Taylor," Mom said. "Are you talking to yourself?"
"Well, look at this mess. Who could have done this?"
"Your favourite dog, he's done it before.
Look what I found in the hallway, the blueberry jam's lid.
Last time, someone left the peanut butter jar's lid off he licked it clean."
"Julius wouldn't do anything like that."
"Remember, you only have to smell his breath for proof."
Julius stayed away from the kitchen while listening to Taylor telling Mom the story of
him being naughty. That is yummy memory.

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