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  The Magic Jug
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Children's Story: by

It was a very pleasant morning and little Sonu was still asleep.
Wishing not to disturb him, his mom sat beside him gently cuddled him.
As he opened his bright little eyes he pleaded with his Mom for another 10 minutes of sleep.
As she left, he again snuggled deep in the soft pillows.
After 10 minutes Sonu woke again only to find a wonderful surprise next to him.
It was a beautiful jug decorated with the face of his favourite cartoon character, Doraemon.
Unable to contain his excitement he took the jug and wished he had a small fan like the one Doraemon wore on his head, the one that spun round most of the time when he flew.
Sonu couldn't believe his eyes, there it was, the little spinning fan that he desired.
Next he wished he had his mouth watering Hidoene and Seek biscuits and whiz.... there they were!
Awe struck and excited about the Magic Jug, Sonu wanted to test it again that evening when he came back from school.
He hid it under his pillow before he left.
Sonu came rushing home in the evening; he was anxious test the magic jug.
This time it was a different experience.
Sonu was sad as he had lost his favourite pouch.
He was very upset with his friend Karthik, who had snatched it from him and playfully ran away.
Sonu was still angry with him and he felt like slapping his face.
Believe it or not, the magic jug slapped Sonu on the face and his face was swollen like the famous Indian breakfast Idli.
Sonu realised that he hadn't shown the Jug to any one at home, so he picked up the Jug and ran fast to his mother in the kitchen.
With a kiss in his forehead, his mom was surprised to see the perplexed expression on Sonu's face.
Sonu related the whole incident to his mom, of the things that had happened in the morning.
She found it hard to believe and asked him to show her the Jug.
She too was impressed with the magic Jug.
Suddenly to their surprise the Jug vanished, not knowing if it would ever return.
Sonu was in tears, unable to bear the disappointment he shouted at his mom.
After some time he came back to his mom asking her to get the jug back, which was impossible.
His mom explained to him what the Jug has tried to teach him.
Yes, it was for Sonu to learn that life gives back to him what he gives to others.
If he can give happiness to others, life can give him happiness.
If he yells at somebody and shows his anger, life gives back only unpleasant experiences.
If he can be nice to someone, then others will be nice to him.
If he takes care of the elderly then life will pay him back when he becomes old.
To this day, how the Jug came to Sonu and vanished remains a secret.
But the lesson learnt out of that keeps Sonu going.
The End
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