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  The Jealous Tiger
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Children's Story: by
Chapter 1
Oben was a kind-hearted lion who ruled over the other animals in the forest of Zuba.
On the day that Oben celebrated his birthday all the other animals in Zuba came along.
Timmy the speedy dog organised all the music.
A swarm of bees buzzed while a rhino bellowed, the sound was delightful.
Two ducks quacked while they flapped in a pool of water.
A number of toads croaked as they went under the water.
The forest rumbled with sounds of music.
You could hear the cows moo Happy Birthday King Oben!
The buffaloes knocked horns. Clack! Clack! Clack!
The elephant trumpeted, Paparan! Paparan!
The party was groovy!
A robin flew round and round singing "Long live the King of Zuba forests"
All the other animals cheered. Hip, Hip, Hurray!
"Are all of you having a good time?" asked Oben.
"This is the best party ever. Super!" replied the elephant.
All the animals were happy except Bika.
"Hey Bika, what is the problem? You look sad" said Timmy the monkey.
"Why does Oben get more attention than me?"
"Oben is our king and we must show him great honour" replied Timmy.
"Why can't I be king? I have the strength of a lion too" said Bika.
"We all made him king, so you have to respect that" said Timmy.
Bika was jealous of Oben.
Chapter 2
Children's Story: by
Bika stormed away from the village of Zuba.
He strode along the forest while Timmy followed behind him.
"Please don't leave me" said Timmy.
"I'm not changing my mind" replied Bika.
Children's Story: by
As Bika strolled along, he saw a monkey playing on a swing.
"Where are you going?" asked the monkey.
"I'm moving to an island, don't even try to stop me!" said Bika.
"Are you going to leave your best friend behind?" asked Timmy.
"Sorry, I'll miss you, but I need to leave" replied Bika.
"Good luck Bika, I hope it goes well" said the monkey.
"Goodbye my dear friend" said Timmy as he watched Bika leave.
Bika continued his walk till he eventually arrived at a sea.
He wondered where he should go.
"Ah, the island" he said.
The island was very far away, he would not be able to swim there.
Luckily, he saw a big whale swimming past and he roared as loud as he could.
The whale heard Bika and swam towards him.
"Can you take me to the island?" asked Bika.
"No problem, but it's going to be a wet ride" said the whale.
"I don't care, I just want to get to the island" said Bika.
Bika jumped onto the back of the whale who then started to swim away.
"How does it feel to be the King of the Sea" asked Bika.
"It feels good, I get a lot of respect, even the mighty sharks' bow to me" said the whale.
"Soon, I'll be feeling like that too" said Bika.
"Do you want to be king?"
"Yes, when I get to the island."
"How will you find food to eat?"
"I'll know when I get there."
When the whale had almost reached the island, Bika jumped off into the water, Splash!
"Thank you" said Bika, and swam for a short distance until he reached the island.
He shook the water from his body and looked around.
"Good" he said "this is where I want to live and I don't have to answer to a lion, I hereby declare myself the king of this island!"
Chapter 3
Bika rested under a tree for a while, then he wanted to drink water from the seaside.
As he walked along he saw a big hole on the ground.
It was a rabbit's burrow, the burrow was deep and dark so he could not see what was inside.
"Is anybody in there?" he roared loudly.
A rabbit called Sheena heard him and she sniffed near the mouth of her burrow.
"I'm Sheena, can I help you?"
"My name is Bika, I'm the new king of this island"
"King, who made you king here?"
"I made myself king?" he replied.
"Did you fall out of the sky?"
"Don't be silly! How can I fall from the sky?" he said "I command you to come out and show me where to get food"
"You are not my king so go away"
"You are a very arrogant rabbit"
"I can't come out of my burrow"
"Why?" he asked
"A hungry tiger is waiting outside" the rabbit said.
"I'm not going to harm you" said Bika.
"Have you noticed anything strange in this place?" asked Sheena.
"I see a beautiful island, I also see a lot of coconut trees" said Bika.
"Do you see animals of your type here?"
"Who needs animals of my type?"
"Food for animals like a tiger is scarce here."
"Really?" asked Bika.
"Really, really, really" replied Sheena.
Bika was disappointed.
Chapter 4
Bika looked angry, he had no one to play with, and Sheena the rabbit was not even friendly.
He missed all the fun he had back at the forest.
He saw two adult dolphins with a baby dolphin swimming in the sea.
He rushed to the seashore.
"How are you dolphins?" he called.
"We are good."
"Are you teaching your baby how to swim?"
"He is not our baby, we are returning him to his mother. We rescue animals in trouble"
"I see," said Bika, "I came from the forest to become the king of this island but I'm having problems. I'm lonely and there is not much to eat, also I can't find anyone to obey me.
I think I might be in trouble."
"We have to take this young dolphin home. We will attend to you later" said one dolphin.
"He must be stranded" said the other dolphin.
The dolphins swam away.
Bika went back to rest under a coconut tree, he felt lonely.
He went back to see Sheena one more time.
Sheena was nibbling on nuts inside her burrow.
Bika roared again. "Sheena, are you in there?"
"What do you want from me?"
"I beg you. Please show me where I can get food, I'm really hungry"
"You are disturbing me!"
"If you don't come out I'll wait here until you do!"
"Wait if you want, I have another exit" said Sheena.
Children's Story: by
Chapter 5
Bika went back to the spot where he always slept.
A few hours later, he heard the sound of a boat engine, he saw a very big boat approaching.
When the boat stopped, five people got out, they were humans.
They anchored the boat then they brought out a big rectangle-shaped container which was big enough to house Bika.
Bika wanted to run away.
He looked again and saw the two adult dolphins emerge from beneath the water.
"These people are here to help you, don't be afraid" said one of the dolphins.
Bika didn't want to run anymore.
"I'm not afraid, I just don't want to follow strangers"
"They are not strangers, they are the patriots of the sea" said one dolphin.
The five humans carried the container out of the big boat and brought it onto the island.
They looked at Bika.
"Get in the container" said one of the dolphins.
Bika walked into the container.
One of the humans closed the door of the container and secured it with a lock.
One of the dolphins made a joke, "Here is wishing the king a jolly sail home!"
There were many holes in the container so Bika could see out as they sailed along in the sea.
Bika was given some food, he was really well fed.
Chapter 6
Bika got to the seashore near the village of Zuba at about sunset.
The five humans brought the container from the big boat, they moved it close to the forest and let Bika out, he recognised the place.
AS he made his way into the forest he wondered if his friends would accept him back?
Timmy was the first to see Bika, he jumped on him and hugged him.
Timmy was Bika's best friend.
He was back home with all his friends.
Children's Story: by
Oben was very happy to see Bika, "How was your adventure?" he asked.
"My adventure was hard" he replied, "From now on I will not run away from my friends, you are my family. I felt so lonely on the island, I had no friends there."
"I met two dolphins in the island, they were working in the sea to rescue stranded animals, they helped to bring me home" said Bika.
Timmy gave a big smile.
"You are safe and well, that is what matters to me" said Oben.
"You can have your messenger job back too" said Timmy.
"Tonight we will invite all the animals to celebrate your return" said Oben.
"Thank you King Oben" said Bika.


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