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  The Forgotten Toys
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"Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!" Bruno, the big brown furry toy bear said to his friends.
"I'm so tired of sitting on this chair day after day.
Look at me, my lovely fluffy fur is all patchy where it's wearing out and I'm covered in dust."
"I feel just the same," said Paddy, the yellow furry bear with the red duffle coat.
"I'm looking very shabby now and my red duffle coat is wearing out."
"How do you think I feel then," Floppy the little white rabbit said sadly." My lovely white fur is grey and my bright green dungarees are now all faded and worn."
"I don't think you could possibly feel and look as bad as me," whimpered Rosie the rag doll. "My black woolly hair is falling out and I'm wearing out everywhere, I hate looking so dusty and dirty".
Bruno, Paddy, Floppy, and Rosie all agreed that they would have to find a way out of the attic and find a new family to care for them.
They all remembered when Tommy and Tessa used to play with them and look after them.
Now they were too big to play with toys, so Tommy and Tessa's mummy had put the toys in the attic.
"Let's put our heads together and think of a way we can get out of the attic," Bruno the brown furry bear said.
The other toys all shook their heads in agreement with the Bruno.
"I know," said Paddy, "Let's all jump off the chair together and jump up and down. Someone might hear us and come to the attic and we can all run out and run away."
"I don't think that will be any good," replied Bruno. "We are all just fluffy toys, we could never make enough noise jumping up and down."
Once more they agreed with Bruno the brown furry bear.
"I've got a better idea," Floppy the little white rabbit jumped off the chair and hopped up and down. "We can all jump off the chair and push it along the floor, someone is bound to hear that."
"Well, we could try," all the other toys said, "but it might be too heavy for just four toys to push."
So they all jumped down and stood side by side behind the chair. They could only reach as far as the legs of the chair, but they all managed to grip the wooden legs.
"Push hard," Bruno the brown fluffy bear ordered. Sadly the chair didn't move, even though the toys were pushing with all their might.
"It's no good," the toys puffed, and sat down on the floor.
Bruno, the big brown fluffy bear, however, didn't want to give up.
"Heave-Ho," he puffed as he put his back against the leg of the chair.
"IT MOVED," Paddy, Floppy, and Rosie shouted.
Bruno stopped for a second to catch his breath before trying again.
"We'll help you push," they all jumped up and leaned their backs on the legs of the chair with Bruno.
"ALTOGETHER NOW -PUSH," Bruno shouted.
There was a loud cracking noise, which made all the toys jump, and fall backwards on the floor.
The chair was very old and because it had been in the attic for even longer than the worn out toys, one of the chair legs broke when it started to move.
Rosie the rag doll began to cry. "What are we going to do now? The chair is all crooked. How are we all going to sit on it?"
"Don't cry," Bruno, said kindly, "We'll soon find another place where we can all sit together."
The four toys sat down next to the broken chair to think.
Bruno, the big fluffy bear scratched his furry head.
Paddy, the yellow fluffy bear, rubbed his furry chin with his paw.
Floppy, the white furry rabbit rubbed his long fluffy ears, and Rosie, the little rag doll bent her head in thought, tears still running down her cheek
"Well, has anyone thought of anywhere we can sit, yet?" Bruno asked.
"Not yet," said Paddy.
"Not yet," said Floppy.
"I think I may have thought of somewhere," Rosie was still sobbing a little as she spoke.
"Clever Rosie," the other toys jumped up eager to hear Rosie's idea...
"Look over there," Rosie exclaimed, pointing to the corner of the attic near the tiny window where there was a pile of rugs stacked up against the wall.
"We could climb up those rugs and have a comfortable place to sit," she suggested.
The other toys were not sure that it was a good idea, they thought perhaps it was too high for four toys to climb.
As there didn't seem to be any other place in the attic where they could all sit together they all agreed to try to climb to the top of the pile of rugs.
"Right, let's get going then." Bruno ordered.
Being the biggest of the four toys, he immediately took charge.
"We will climb the pile of rugs one behind the other. Do you all agree?" Bruno asked.
"Yes, Bruno, I agree." Paddy said.
"I agree as well, Bruno." Floppy said.
"Me too, Bruno," agreed Rosie the rag doll, who was still whimpering just a little.
"Here we go then, follow me.
Rosie, you are behind me and then Floppy behind you and Paddy, last."
The four toys started to climb up the pile of rugs.
They were finding it difficult to grip each rug with their paws, even Rosie with her stuffed hands found it difficult.
After much puffing, panting, slipping and sliding, Bruno reached the top of the pile of rugs.
"Here, Rosie, grab my paw." Bruno bent over the side of the rugs and began to help Rosie over the top.
"Th-th-ank you Bruno" Rosie puffed
Floppy was the next toy to hop over the top of the rugs, and flapped his big ears with relief.
"Come on Paddy?" the other toys called to the yellow furry bear, "You're nearly at the top now, I'll hold out my paw for you and pull you over the top."
Bruno leant over the top of the pile of rugs.
At last the four toys were all safely at the top of the pile of rugs.
They all sat still for a while.
It felt a little strange sitting in a different place after all the time they had sat on the chair.
Bruno was the first to speak."It's nice and comfy and we now have far more room," he smiled.
"Yes, it is," Paddy, agreed.
Bruno and Paddy were about to ask Floppy and Rosie what they thought but realised that they had both fallen asleep!
Bruno and Paddy felt tired too, so they lay down next to Floppy and Rosie.
The four toys all woke with such a start as they heard banging, rattling, and loud voices.
Because they were now up high on the top of the rugs, they could see out of the tiny attic window.
"Whatever's all that noise?" Bruno exclaimed.
"LOOK! Tommy and Tessa's mummy and daddy are going away in the big lorry." Paddy wailed.
Floppy hopped up and down, with excitement. "There's another big lorry coming here."
"I can see a little boy and a baby girl, with their mummy and a daddy." Rosie waved her little stuffed hands in the air.
"Tommy and Tessa's mummy must have forgotten us," said Bruno sadly.
The four toys sat down again on the top of the pile of rugs, feeling very sad.
The next morning, when the four toys awoke, they heard voices in the attic and looking down over the edge of the pile of rugs they saw the little boy and the baby girl with their mummy and daddy.
"Can you see what is on the top of that pile of rugs?" the little boy's daddy asked.
"Yes, there are some fluffy toys." answered the little boy
"Shall we take them downstairs?" their mummy suggested." I think they need looking after, don't you?"
The little boy and his daddy agreed.
Bruno, the big brown furry toy bear, Paddy, the yellow bear with the red duffle coat, Fluffy, the white rabbit with the green dungarees and Rosie, the rag doll with the black woolly hair, were very happy that someone was going to take care of them again.

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