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  Tales From The Forest Series - The Tale Of Perry
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Once upon a time in a forest, far, far away, there lived a little ant named Perry.
Perry was a very unusual Ant, unlike any other that the forest community had ever seen.
What made him so unusual is the fact that he actually grew hair!
This made Perry stand out among the other ants and insects in the forest, as they had never seen anything like this before.
Although he was seen to be rather unusual, he was well liked among all of the animals and insects of the forest.
One day Perry arranged a meeting with all of the members of the forest community.
During this meeting he announced that he would be departing on a journey the very next day and didn't know when or if he might return.
This is where our story begins.
Since the announcement of Perry's departure, many years had passed.
Although it had been long ago when he departed, everyone in the forest still talked about Perry and his unusual ability to grow hair.
They all had their own opinions about what might have happened to the unusual ant, although none of them really knew what actually happened to him.
It was said that Perry may have been taken by an unusual creature that no one had ever seen, but was thought to live high in the mountains, outside the forest.
None of the animals or insects had ever travelled to these mountains, as they were afraid of the legend of the mysterious creature.
Some claimed to have heard it moving about the edge of the forest late at night.
Some even claimed to have seen the shadow of the mysterious creature moving about in the moonlight.
One particular night the moon was shining brighter than any had ever seen it shining before. Members of the forest community began hearing sounds on the outside edge of the forest that sounded like something moving across the leaves on the ground.
They all gathered together to discuss these strange sounds.
One stated that he saw a great big shadow that looked to be a giant, hairy, creature moving about, just outside of the forest.
This made everyone worry about what it might be.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a great big shadow on a big tree in the middle of the forest, which looked to be an enormous hairy creature.
Everyone was really frightened, as they feared that this was the legendary creature from the mountains that they had heard about for many years.
At that moment a voice was heard coming from the shadows, the voice said,
"Hello, I'm back."
It was no legendary creature, it was Perry!
Perry told the story of how he travelled to the mountains on his journey, simply to discover places that he had never seen before.
He talked about how he lived in the mountains for many years, but that he would sometimes travel to the edge of the forest at night.
The forest creatures now knew that this is where the legend of the hairy creature had come from.
There was no scary creature at all, it was just Perry.
His hair had grown so long that it dragged behind his little body.
Perry told the community that he met many new friends in the mountains and that he had a wonderful adventure.
After many years away from the forest, Perry found that no matter how great the adventure, there was no place like home.


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