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  Tales From The Forest Series - The Tail Of Ben
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Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there lived a little raccoon named Ben.
Ben was a fine young raccoon who loved living in his little forest community.
He had many friends as there were many different families in the forest, such as the squirrel family, the turtle family, the bird family, and so on.
Ben only had one problem, he was very afraid!
He woke up each morning afraid to get ready for school because he was afraid that he might pick out the wrong clothes to wear.
He was afraid to eat his breakfast because he was afraid that he might eat too fast and get a tummy ache.
He was afraid of playing on the playground at school because he was afraid that he might get hurt.
On one particular day the school teacher announced that the class would be going on a field trip.
The class would be going to the river to have a picnic and would then get to ride down the river on a raft.
Ben was not very excited as he was too afraid to ride on a raft in the water.
The day of the field trip came and Ben had a picnic, along with the rest of the class.
Once it was time to ride on the raft Ben asked his teacher if he might simply walk alongside the raft, on the grass since he was afraid.
The teacher agreed.
Ben enjoyed walking along beside the raft as he was much more comfortable being on dry land. Once he had been walking for a while Ben looked at the river and noticed that up ahead the river seemed to be moving very fast.
He shouted to his teacher to warn her, and the class, of the fast moving water.
By the time the teacher heard Ben it was too late, the raft was swept down the river out of control.
Ben was extremely scared, he stopped and closed his eyes.
He prayed for God to help him have the courage to help his class.
He then took a deep breath and rushed along the riverside to try to help.
He made it to the top of a hill, which was beside the river, where he saw something that scared him even more, a huge waterfall ahead.
He shouted to his classmates and told them what he had seen, then rushed to find a way to rescue his class.
He noticed that there was a tree lying over the river, just before the waterfall.
He ran to the tree and climbed all the way to the end.
Shouting to his classmates he told them to try and steer the raft towards the tree.
The class worked together and were able to steer the raft towards Ben.
He reached out will all of his might to reach the hands of his teacher.
It worked!
Ben was able to grab his teacher's arm, he then shouted for all of the students to climb on the teacher and onto the tree.
After the last student was on the tree, the teacher was then pulled onto the tree with Ben's help.
All of the children and the teacher were saved but then the raft then went over the edge of the waterfall.
Ben had hardly noticed what he had done, because he didn't think about being afraid.
After the incident, the class threw a big party for him.
They brought a huge cake to Ben that read
'To Ben, the bravest raccoon in the forest.'

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