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  Snail Goes For A Ride
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Children's Story: by

Snail carefully peeked out of his shell.
Sunshine was streaming down, with fresh blue skies above.
"A beautiful day," he said aloud, then began to slowly crawl out from under his large flat rock.
Snail had one speed: slow, slow was safe.
'Safety above all else,' he thought to himself while stopping to sniff a large daffodil bent down by last night's rain. 'There's no need to rush.'
He crawled over to the long broken down fence and then up a long blade of grass, stopping to look around every few inches.
Snail loved to see the world around him, which was hard to do being only 2-and-a-half centimeters tall.
Children's Story: by
Snail was just turning back to move when suddenly something hit the blade of grass, flinging him into the air!
He twisted quickly, then hit something.
He clung to the piece of plastic, holding tight.
There was a loud roaring sound.
"AIIYYYY!" cried Snail, shutting his eyes tight, then he realised the wind was rushing past him, but nothing else bad had happened.
Children's Story: by
He opened his eyes and looked right, he could see EVERYTHING!
Snail was riding on some kind of machinery.
It was tearing through the grass, cutting the long blades short.
There were flowers bordering the grass, most of which he had never seen.
Beyond the flowers and grass were some kind of huge plants that reached to the sky.
Further to his right, some odd things sat.
They were brightly coloured, with some strange creatures going in and coming out of them.
'What are those?' Snail thought, 'some kind of large ants and their houses?'
He looked to his left.
One of the creatures was riding on the machinery with him.
As he watched, it moved its legs and arms, and the machinery they were riding on stopped moving, then went in the opposite direction.
Suddenly his view vanished.
"Wow!" Snail said, he was so excited he forgot to be afraid.
Little by little, he crawled up the side of the machinery as it was moving, until he was at the top.
The world stretched out before him, it was so big! and he wasn't going slow, he was going FAST and it wasn't bad or was FUN!
Children's Story: by
Snail rode the machine for the next hour as it cut the grass, enjoying the flowers, the plants, and all the creatures.
He hadn't known there were so many bees, birds, rabbits, or frogs in the world.
He had never seen so far before, it was the best day of his life.
Then as suddenly as it had begun, the machine rattled, slowed down to a crawl and then stopped. Snail blinked and turned around.
The creature got off the tractor and walked away.
"No!" Snail cried as loud as he could. "I want to see more, don't stop now!"
But the creature didn't come back.
Snail noticed that it was close to dusk; carefully he crawled down the machine and headed over to the fence to camp for the night in his cozy shell.
Children's Story: by
Now Snail listens carefully for that roar.
As soon as he hears it, he moves fast to climb that same grass blade, to catch his next ride.

The End

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