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  Simon The Silly Snail
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Children's Story: by
Once upon a time there was a silly old snail named Simon.
He would laugh hysterically at the silliest things you can imagine.
Children's Story: by
What kinds of things did he laugh at you ask?
Children's Story: by
Silly things like watching squirrels in polka dot bikinis do the hula hoop or listening to a rhinoceros sing in the shower.
Children's Story: by
One day Simons' friend Sally found him looking kind of sad.
"What's wrong?" asked Sally.
"I dunno, nothin' seems silly to me anymore." said Simon sadly.
"Why?" asked Sally.
"I dunno...
Children's Story: by
I see giraffes wearing suspenders to hold up their long pants, I see elephants doing the backstroke in the swimming hole, I see horses doing country line dancing...
Children's Story: by
But I don't feel silly anymore. I guess I just have the blues."
Sally thought about Simons' dilemma.
"I'll come back tomorrow and see if you are feeling silly again." she said.
"OK, but I doubt it." Simon said.
Simon sat in the yard and retreated back into his shell.
He soon fell asleep but when he woke up it was raining. It rained hard all day.
Children's Story: by
The rain even washed Simon away and he was swept down the street into a big puddle of water.
When it stopped raining he poked his head out of his shell and looked around.
The birds were chirping and the sun was shining.
Simon started to feel happy again.
A long snake slithered his way wearing a ratty fur coat and green goggles.
Simon couldn't help but giggle a little.
Children's Story: by
"You look so silly." Simon told the snake
"I do?" said the snake offended and slunk away into the tall green grass.
Simon sat awhile and enjoyed the warm sunshine on his shoulders.
A really big, fat cow lumbered over to him and he looked way up at her.
There were two rubber gloves stuck to her udders.
Simon started to giggle loudly.
Mrs. Cow, you have rubber gloves stuck on your teats!" Simon said, giggling uncontrollably.
Children's Story: by
"What business is that of yours?" said the cow and she sauntered away, her bell clanging around her neck.
Sally came back and found Simon giggling to himself.
"And just what is so funny young man?" asked Sally
"I don't know, I just can't help it." said Simon
"You are one silly snail Simon" said Sally.
And so, Simon the snail was back from his blues that the rain washed away.
If you ever feel blue just think of Simon the Silly Snail and you'll find laughter in all that comes your way.
Children's Story: by

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