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  Ranjans Bicycle
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Children's Story: by

Today Ranjan is very happy, for the last two weeks he was being taught to ride a bicycle, riding on his neighbor's bicycle.
Yesterday his father gave him a second hand bicycle.
Ranjan's father works in a security agency and his salary is really too small
to pay all the expenses, like Ranjan's study, food for all the members of the family etc.
Ranjan's school is 3km from his house, he usually feels very tired when he gets back from school because he had to walk to school and back.
It's too much money for his father to buy a new bicycle, so he bought a second hand one.
Now Ranjan can go to school by riding his bicycle.
He normally wakes up around 8am, but today he is out of bed at 5.30am, because he is so excited.
He slowly goes to the bicycle, which is parked inside his bedroom, holds the handle bars and rings the bell gently.
This bicycle is all his own, nobody could ask him to get off it.
He decides that today he will go to the school playground by riding his bicycle, not walking, he notices that on the rear wheel there is a lock and a key.
Ranjan spent the next 2 hours just looking at his bicycle.
At 8am Ranjan went to the bathroom and got ready to go to school, then unlocked his bicycle and rode off to school.
After riding for nearly 1 km there is a loud bang from the back wheel.
He didn't understand what had just happened, then he noticed that the back tyre is flat, that means there is a puncture!
Now he is extremely confused, he has never had a puncture before and there is no bicycle repair shop anyway near here.
He starts walking with the bicycle but is very soon exhausted, because he is pushing the bicycle, but he knows that there is no other way.
After walking for 2 long hours he comes to the school but the gate is closed.
He is so tired that he can't walk anymore.
He became very angry and kicked the bicycle so very hard that it slid into the middle of the road.
Suddenly a big green car came along the road at high speed and ran over his bicycle.
The car stopped and a well-dressed man got out to see what had happened.
When Ranjan realised that the bicycle is completely destroyed, he became very sad.
He blames himself for the disaster.
The well-dressed man came to Ranjan and asked if the bicycle belonged to him or not.
Ranjan answered "yes" and described the problem of the puncture.
Then the man asked him for help because he also has a puncture in his car's tyre.
Ranjan agreed to help and he helped the man to repair his car.
The man feels sad about Ranjan's bicycle and said "If I give you a new bicycle, will you accept it?"
Ranjan thinks for few seconds and said "No thank you."
Then he asked "How far away is your house?"
"It is 3kms away," Ranjan answered
"How will you go back to your home?"
"I don't know" said Ranjan
Then the man took him home in his car.
Later the man bought a new stylish, durable bicycle for Ranjan and presented it to him.
Now what?
Ranjan goes to school every day on his new bicycle, safely and happily.
A happy ending
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