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  Mugsy And Georges Morning With Mimi
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Children's Story: by
Mugsy, the little monkey woke up.
He said, "It's a bright, sunny day. Wake up MiMi."
Mugsy reached over to MiMi and gently touched her closed eyes.
"Wake up." Mugsy said again. "Look stretch like this."
He reached his little hands way up in the air and tried to reach the ceiling.
MiMi opened her brown eyes and smiled at her little Mugsy.
"Good morning Mugsy, my sweet little angel boy."
Mugsy smiled from ear to ear, he loved his MiMi and she loved him very much.
MiMi sat up, her old body moved very slowly, she had given Mugsy the entire bed to sleep in.
She had slept on the corner of it so he could stretch out.
Mugsy said, "I have a small bed. You have a H-U-G-E bed MiMi."
When Mugsy sleeps, he rolls and rolls.
Children's Story: by
Georgie, the other monkey boy woke up too.
He asked MiMi, "Is it time to get up yet?"
MiMi lifted up the bundle of blankets and there was Georgie looking at her with a big smile on his little face.
Mugsy says we have to wake up now.
"It is a nice sunny day." MiMi said and she gave both monkeys sweet kisses on the top of their heads.
Georgie hopped out of bed and ran to the window and opened up the curtains.
He said, with a big smile on his face, "Look at the sun outside!"
MiMi looked out the window, "it is really a sunny day!" and yawned.
Georgie said, "Do this MiMi."
He put his little monkey hand to his mouth and covered it. "Do that MiMi when you yawn, it helps you wake up faster," as he leapt onto the bed again.
"Okay", MiMi said, "let me tell you boys the plan for the day, we are going to get out of bed, we are going to brush our teeth, we will eat a good breakfast and we will get dressed, MiMi has to go to work."
MiMi is a nurse."
Georgie and Mugsy jumped up to stop her from getting dressed in her white nurse's outfit.
Georgie put his hand up and made a sad face, "You are going to leave us here all by ourselves."
MiMi grabbed them and tickled them. "No silly, MiMi would never leave two little boys home all alone. You are going to Pappy's house. Pappy has a lot of birds to see and his birds are big, he needs you to help him feed them."
Georgie and Mugsy said to MiMi, "They say Tweet, Tweet, and Tweet."
Georgie stopped brushing his teeth and said, "I have a plan, listen to my plan. You go to work and after work you pick us up from Pappy's and we come back to your house."
Mimi said, 'Thank you for wanting to come visit me, but all little monkeys have to go home when their visit is done. I will invite you again, I promise."
Georgie and Mugsy shook their heads up and down. "Okay, MiMi we will go home now, but we will come back again."
They ate their breakfast and got dressed.
They got into MiMi's car where they buckled up their seatbelts.
They waved goodbye to MiMi's house and promised to come back again.

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