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  Moo To You Too
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Children's Story: by
Mark visited Sunny Farm with his mummy, daddy and his baby sister Rosie.
He hadn't been to a farm before and he was really excited about the adventure.
When they got out of the car at the gates Mark said "Yuck, farms are smelly!"
He pulled a face. "Not a nice smelly either."
Daddy laughed, "Maybe the animals haven't had their baths today. What do you think?"
'Yes, that's it, daddy was clever', Mark thought to himself.
"Come on, let's walk around and you can tell us and Rosie which animals you can see here. Don't just say smelly and smellier, you little rascal!"
Daddy was still chuckling when they got to the first field.
Children's Story: by
"Baa. Baa." one of the animals said.
"Baa. Baa." Mark said back.
Rosie gurgled and clapped her hands happily.
"Mummy, he looks like a cloud with a face and legs."
"He does a bit, Mark."
"Baa baa to you too, Mr. Sheep."
"Do you want to feed him?" daddy asked.
"Can I?" Mark's eyes went wide with glee.
Daddy gave Mark some food, he held out his hand and the sheep nibbled the food.
"He tickles!"
Mark counted that there were eight sheep in the field and he was proud of himself.
Children's Story: by
Mark pointed to the next field.
"They look funny."
Mummy smiled. "That's the pigsty. Pigs like to play in the mud."
"So do I!" Mark ran towards the pigs. "Oink-oink, curly tailed pink friends!"
A few of the pigs oink-oinked back as they played.
Rosie sat in her pushchair and wiggled as she giggled at the oink-oinking.
She couldn't oink yet herself because she was too young so Mark did it for her.
"Oink-oink from Rosie!"
There were more hello oinks from the pig sty.
"They are speaking to you Rosie Posie."
She wiggled even more.
Children's Story: by
Next they visited the horses.
Mark liked horses.
Rosie's mouth fell wide open; she hadn't seen anything like them before.
One of the shiny brown horses standing by the fence spoke to him.
"Neigh, Neigh," the horse bowed his head a little.
Mark copied the horse's bow.
"Neigh, neigh. Hello, I'm Mark."
Mummy fed the horse an apple and daddy patted the horse's long nose.
Mark hurried over to another field when he heard a new noise.
Children's Story: by
"Moo to you too." Mark laughed. "Cows go moo and I can too. Listen, moo, moo, mooooo."
Five cows stared at him but they didn't moo back.
"Oh, are you shy now? I am friendly you know." Mark smiled.
He kept looking at the cows, all big and black and white.
One of them went moo, then the others joined in.
"That's better, they're singing at me!"
Daddy ruffled Mark's hair.
"Well done Mark, you have made lots of friends today.
Let's walk over here and have our picnic before we meet the honking geese, the quacking ducks and the cluck clucking chickens."
"And the lovely rabbits," mummy winked. "They twitch their noses and bounce about."
A cow said moo to Rosie.
She jumped in her chair and then looked at the cow crossly.
Daddy smiled. "I think Rosie will like the rabbits too, they don't make much noise."
Children's Story: by
Mark grinned at his mummy and daddy.
"Thank you for bringing us to Sunny Farm.
Farms are really smelly but I am having so much fun on this adventure, I don't mind that."
He sang a song as he marched to the picnic area.
"Baa, moo, oink, neigh...baa, moo, oink, neigh..."
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