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  Mice Tales No 3 - Matchsticks And String
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Children's Story: by

Imagine a small frightened mouse who had fallen down a deep hole with very straight sides, giving no hope of climbing out.
Well this mouse was lucky thanks to his smart friends and their clever plan.
The small frightened mouse sat at the bottom of the hole squeaking loudly, hoping someone would hear him, luckily his friends had missed him and had gone looking, they heard his cries.
Telling him to stay calm, they exchanged thoughts on how to save him.
A few ideas were put forward, the best plan was put into action.
A rope ladder could be lowered into the hole, tied at the top, it would allow the little mouse to climb to safety.
Now how could the mice make such a ladder?
Lots of thinking went on, what we need is some string, and for ladder rungs, some sticks.
What about matchsticks was suggested.
The mice split up and ran off to see what they could find.
On their return they had only gathered some old string but no sticks.
It was known though that, the gardener kept matches in his shed that he used for lighting his bonfire.

Children's Story: by

So as crafty as you like the mice crept into the shed, opened the match box and one by one took all the matches leaving the box empty.
They carried the matches back to the hole and began to tie the sticks to the string, making gaps between each stick to form a ladder.
Using all the matches to ensure the ladder was long enough, they lowered it down into the hole, tying the top to a tree root.
All the little mouse had to do was to hold on tight and climb to the top.
It worked, the little mouse climbed and climbed, he was saved!
The mice decided to keep the ladder just in case anything like that happened again.
That evening the gardener wanted to light his bonfire, he was so sure that the match box in the shed was full, he just could not understand why it was now empty!

Children's Story: by

The End
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