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  Mice Tails No 2 - Knickers To The Rescue
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Children's Story: by
Sometimes mice do silly things, well these two young mice did.
They climbed up a tree and became stuck, only to find they couldn't get back down.
They called for help, luckily the other mice heard their cries.
Now how were they going to get them down to safety.
A plan was needed, so together the mice thought of different ways to help them, until one idea was put to the test.

Children's Story: by

The young mice would have to jump into some kind of safety net held by the other mice, but what could they use?
It would have to be quite strong and would have to have some bounce.
One of the mice noticed that the lady in the big house had left her washing on the line to dry, maybe they could find something there.
Looking at all the washing it seemed that a large pair of blue knickers would do the job.
The mice would stretch the knickers between themselves making a soft bouncy landing for the young mice to jump into.
One of the mice climbed onto the washing line ran along the top to the large pair of blue knickers and un-pegged them, the knickers fell to the ground.
The other mice then dragged them across to the tree right underneath the stranded mice.
Keeping the knickers folded they took a corner each and pulled, stretching them outward, just like a safety net.

Children's Story: by

Now how to get the mice to jump?
It was either you jump or you stay in the tree forever, the choice is yours they were told!
So they jumped.
Down they came landing softly and safely into the large blue knickers.
It was quite clever of the mice to have such a brilliant plan, don't you think?
How lucky the young mice were.
Later that evening the lady from the big house came out for her washing, she never could understand how the large pair of blue knickers had become un-pegged and ended up under the tree.
It was all very strange indeed.

The End

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