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  Let The Music Out
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Children's Story: by

Gavin loved his new 12-string guitar; he only wished he could play the instrument.
"What's wrong with me?"
Mia, his sister, overheard him.
"How're you doing?" she asked.
"I can't even press the strings down, my fingers hurt."
"Here, let me help."
He placed his fingers on the frets and she pressed her fingers on top of his. "Play," she said.
He pulled his pick across the strings one by one.
"Beautiful music," she said.
They laughed.
Mia put her hand on her brother's shoulder, "Don't give up, you have talent."
Gavin decided to take a break.
He walked to the park and saw music notes floating over the trees.
'What's going on?' he wondered.
He walked a little further and saw a girl singing and playing her guitar in the band shell.
Many children had gathered around.
"My eyes must be playing tricks on me," said Gavin, as the girl left her guitar suspended in mid-air.
She did the same with her flute and harmonica and kept the instruments playing, while she sang and danced.
Gavin's eyes opened wide, this is unbelievable.
After the concert, he approached the singer.
"That was awesome, how did you do it? How did you get so good? By the way, my name is Gavin."
"Hi, Gavin, I am Melody. Thank you for your compliment, there is something I learned from a teacher that has helped me greatly."
"Please tell me."
She motioned with her hands.
"Don't only practice your art, search for its secrets, then you will fly."
Their eyes locked.
"I have to go," said Melody, "practice hard, okay?"
"Okay, see you later."
Practice hard, how could she know?
When Gavin got home he picked up his guitar.
He felt different somehow.
"I just played a C chord," he said, "and a G7 chord, even an F chord!"
Before long, Gavin was picking and strumming his guitar for the very first time.
"This is very cool."
"I knew you could do it," said Mia.
"Maybe I can play in the park some day."
This gave Mia an idea.
She secretly recorded her brother and played the tape for her music teacher, Miss Sanger.
"Your brother is very talented, do you think he would perform for the whole school?"
Mia smiled, "It's a done deal."
"You're kidding me, right?" said Gavin, when his sister told him the news.
Gavin practiced hard every day.
He almost hoped Melody would not be at his first concert, he was already nervous enough.
When the big day came, he saw an auditorium packed with students and teachers. Gavin noticed that all the seats were full, except the one directly in front of him.
Gavin began playing his guitar.
A string broke!
Oh no, I can't remember the words!
Next, the lights went darkness.
Melody joined him on stage and the lights flickered on.
She played her harmonica and they sang a duet.
The crowd stood up and screamed their approval.
After the song, she took the empty seat in the front row.
"Uh huh," said Gavin softly.
He sang and played his songs to applause and cheers from the audience.
Gavin began his last song and the crowd clapped along.
"Here we go," said Gavin, leaving his guitar suspended in mid-air.
He kept it playing too, as he sang into the microphone.
Gavin gazed toward Melody and mouthed to her, 'I hope you like this.'
The crowd oohed and awed, as Gavin's guitar danced above them and back into his arms.
When he finished you could hear a pick drop, Gavin sat still on his stool.
Now what, he wondered.
He noticed Melody motioning to him. Why does she keep bending over with her hand on her stomach? Is she sick?
Then, a little embarrassed he understood.
He rose and bowed to the crowd, who leapt to their feet with a long and loud standing ovation.
Mia yelled, "That's my brother up there!"
Gavin noticed the once again empty seat in the front row.
Fans lined up to congratulate Gavin and shake his hand.
A young boy stepped forward and said, "I hope I can be just like you someday. Will you sign my guitar?"
"Sure, kid."
'Hmmm,' thought Gavin, 'maybe I can teach somebody else to fly.'

The End

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