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  Kittys New Friend
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The story is about how Kitty realises a friend in need is a friend indeed.
It is set in the magical and friendly Jokers Jungle.
Kitty herself narrates the story of how her friends were unhelpful to her and how she found help from the most unlikely source.
My name is Kitty and my friends would describe me as a very cute and flawless cat, but deep inside I'm as simple as anyone else; and I bet I've made more mistakes than you!
But today I'm going to tell you about just one.
Children's Story: by
The story starts on a chilly evening.
My friends and I, Beauty the deer, Cheek the monkey and Balloo bear were playing inside the Jungle of Jokes, which is our home.
It's full of friendly animals and most of us never held a grudge against each other.
"Come on! Let's race!" I said enthusiastically.
Suddenly a tortoise walked towards us.
I recognised him at once. It was the Toto the tortoise, who my friends and I love to tease, because he is so slow.
He shyly asked if he could race too.
Children's Story: by
"What!" I said in a shocked voice.
Laughing, Beauty said "You play with us?"
"You're too slow!" said Cheek scornfully.
Toto walked away as fast as he could, with tears shining in his eyes.
But my friends didn't give me a moment to brood over my conscience.
Balloo shouted "One, two, three and GO!"
We raced, and when I came first I forgot all about Toto.
It was 7 o-clock in the evening and it was getting dark.
All four of us were indeed a very messy sight.
"My antlers need polishing," said Beauty, "I'm going home, bye!"
We all said our goodbyes and separated to go home.
But, alas, I was so tired I took a wrong turning and found myself in the forbidden area of the forest.
I tried to retrace my steps and found myself in an unknown clearing in the forest.
Suddenly I heard barking all around me and knew who it was.
It was Wildie D'Armour, the king of the dark dogs.
My uncle Bilius had been killed by him.
I ran around frantically with Wildie close to my tail.
Then I spotted the signboard for Jokers jungle and sighed with relief.
Beauty's house was nearby and surely she'd help me.
Children's Story: by
I ran super fast and finally saw Beauty sitting on the soft grass applying
I ran to her and said; "Beauty! Wildie is chasing me for his dinner! Please help me! You can scare him easily with your antlers! Please!"
"I'm afraid not, because my antlers need polishing and I am not going to dirty them!" said Beauty picking up the bottle of polish and walking inside her cave, leaving me angry and hurt.
Children's Story: by
But then I heard a Wildie bark behind me and I ran in the direction of Balloo's house, hoping he'd be nicer than Beauty.
However, he was not. "I'm sorry Kitty, but I'm very hungry and tired."
He then retreated into his cave.
My last hope was Cheek. He might not be very strong but perhaps he would help me.
I dashed to his house.
"Scaring a dog like Wildie is not my cup of tea!"
That was all Cheek said before he jumped onto his tree.
I was close to tears now.
No one was helping me, and my family were away on a vacation for a week.
Wildie would surely devour me by then.
There was no chance I would survive, but for some reason I just could not stop running.
I ran frantically around the whole of joker's jungle.
I was as I was crossing Smiling Swamp, that I spotted Toto reading a book in the moonlight.
I begged him to help me, unlike everyone else, Toto didn't run away!
He simply said, "Go, run and hide! Quick!"
I hid in a bush and cautiously watched.
When I saw Wildie I shuddered; he looked eerie in the moonlight.
He could be seen very clearly in the light and I spotted a nasty looking scar on his right cheek.
Wildie approached Toto and said growling "You! Tortoise, tell me where that cat went, and don't you dare lie, I saw you talking to her!"
"Why should I tell you?" said Toto rudely "Now, I'm going inside my shell for a comfy sleep and don't you dare disturb me."
But Wildie was determined to eat me.
He thought Toto was a very weak and thin tortoise and obviously would not be able to take his weight.
He climbed on top of Toto's shell and said to him
"Now Mr. Tortoise, if you don't tell me the cat's whereabouts I might consider building my house on top of you!"
But dear reader, an interesting fact; one of Joker Jungle's most strong animals was Toto the turtle!
Children's Story: by
Toto took a deep breath and with all his might jumped up.
Wildie went flying through the air and landed behind the bush where I was hiding.
Laughing and jumping, I went to Toto and said; "Oh, Toto! I won't forget this for my whole life!
I pledge to never tease anybody because they aren't good at something! I beg of you to forgive me! I'll also tell my friends to never tease you again as well!"
I happily went back home.
The next day Toto and I started playing ball at 4 o-clock.
When my friends arrived at 5'o clock they were shocked to see me playing with Toto.
"Kitty! How can you play with that tortoise, he can barely walk!" screeched Beauty.
"Be quiet Beauty!" I said and then told the whole story of how Toto had saved my life.
You should have seen the shocked and guilty looks on their faces when I finished my tale.
Cheek, speaking for everyone, said "Kitty, we all pledge to never tease anybody and I think we all must include him in our fun, shouldn't we?"
The other two agreed and we had a wonderful time playing ball, Toto hitting it so hard it went into the bushes several times, annoying Beauty because she had to get it.
Children's Story: by
And so if you ever visit Jokers Jungle, be sure to come and meet me and my pals, but beware of Wildie D'Armour who is supposedly still stalking Joker's Jungle!
The End
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