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  Jumpers Dream
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There once was a little girl whose name was Katrina Geoverra.
Katrina had a passion for track and field events and she dreamed of going to the Olympics for the long jump.
When she first started elementary school she would bolt through the hallways and jump over desks.
The little boys and girls would chuckle at her, but she paid no attention.
Middle school came and she continued her shenanigans.
Once again the boys and girls would laugh, but Katrina did not care.
Before she knew it, Katrina was in high school.
She was ecstatic that she actually got to participate on the track and field team.
Every day, after school, she would go to practice and worked hard.
Katrina would stay an hour later to get extra jump practice in and on the days she couldn't it was the weekend.
It wasn't until a gloomy Monday morning that she had been extremely bothered by a crowd of troublesome boys when she was sprinting through the narrow hallways of the school.
Joe Block, the school's best male long jumper, tripped her.
"What was that for?" Katrina asked, grasping her scraped knee as she held back her oncoming tears.
"For being a girl, no, for being a girl who thinks she can jump, we all know girls aren't athletic."
Joe nudged his friend's shoulder to get his reassurance.
Katrina was used to the boys telling her this, they reminded her of when she gets stains on her favorite clothes; they never go away and it ruins your day.
She knew that not all girls were as athletic as boys, but she wasn't worried, all she wanted was to be an Olympic long jumper.
"Actually, I am ranked first in the state and I have been working extremely hard." Katrina said.
"I would be too if I had no competition, you're just lucky you have to compete against girls." Joe said.
Katrina was tired of being ridiculed, so she walked away.
This was the day that she decided it was enough, the day she strapped on her body armor and was ready for battle.
She wasn't going to put up with the boys' nonsense anymore so she started working even harder. She ran twice as far, lifted heavier weights, and stayed an extra two hours after practice to work on the long jump.
Before she knew it, the state championships for track were there, and she was more ready than over baked cookies.
Katrina had never been more excited in her life; she was prepared to win a state title.
Joe's nagging voice no longer crept into her head, she was completely confident.
As she was walking through the hall, Joe and his friends decided to bully Katrina again.
"Ready to lose Katrina? It's not going to be fun when I win state and you don't; especially when I jump twice as far as you," Joe chuckled.
Katrina put on a smile and walked away knowing that she wasn't going to let Joe ruin her big day.
All the track athletes got onto the bus in their skin tight suits, and they were off.
Jeffco Stadium roared as the bus pulled up, filled with a sea of anxious parents and fans.
Katrina's eyes widened as she entered the stadium and saw the crowd.
She tried to pick out the long jump pit, but it was nowhere to be found.
After setting up camp, the seniors took Katrina on a tour around the stadium. As she adapted, Katrina became anxious to jump and reach her goal of winning a state championship.
A few hours passed and then the long jump started.
After the first flight was over, the second flight started and Katrina put her bright pink spikes on.
She ran through her typical routine and was ready to do her first jump.
All three of her jumps qualified her for the finals, and made her one step closer to her goal.
The runway stretched along the track like a hallway in a hotel, but she was ready for her final jump.
She stared into the sand pit and started her approach; Push, push, push, lift, lift, quick, quick, quick!
Before she knew it she had sailed 19 feet and 3 inches into the sand pit.
Grains of sand trickled down her uniform.
The crowd burst into roars and cheers after Katrina made her phenomenal jump.
Not only did this jump put her in first place for the girls, but she even beat Joe's best jump!
"Hey, Katrina," yelled Joe.
"I don't want to hear it right now," said Katrina.
"I...I just wanted to say good job," replied Joe as he glanced at his feet, "That was a huge jump."
As he walked away Katrina finally felt satisfied
She had been waiting years for the guys at school to realize that she and the other girls are athletic, especially from Joe.
Katrina participated in track events for another three years, winning long jump each year of her high school career.
On a full ride scholarship, she continued her long jumping career at the University of Oregon.
After another four successful years of jumping, she qualified to jump in the Olympics; her dream, that she had worked so hard for.
Katrina had reached her goal, and didn't let any silly boys get in her way.
To this day, Katrina doesn't let anyone bring her down.
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