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  Hickory The Mouse
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

The continuing story of a mouse named Hickory and his friend Bill.
Share amazing adventures as their friendship grows and they discover the many wonders their small piece of the world has to offer.

Hickory is a good little mouse who likes to scamper around the house and play outside in the tall grass.
One day the man who lived in the house bought a cat, this meant trouble for Hickory because cats like to hunt mice and eat them up!
Hickory had to be very careful now.
One day the cat almost did catch Hickory, but he ran to the barn and hid in the hay.
The cat sat down on the very spot where he was hiding; Hickory was so scared he accidentally let out a big squeak.
The cat heard it and the chase was on again.
The cat was getting closer and closer and poor Hickory was too far from his hole to reach it in time.
Just in time he saw another mouse hole; he ran for it and dove in.
He stayed there for a long while being very quiet.
Finally, he looked outside to see if the cat was still there. He could see it hiding behind some wood, so he waited and waited.
After what seemed like forever, the man who lived in the house came out and called the cat to come inside to eat. Hickory saw his chance and ran for the safety of his own hole.
As he scampered very quietly through the tall grass, he heard something; it was getting closer and closer.
Hickory was really scared; he thought it was the cat!
Finally he saw it; it was another mouse just like him.
He found out it was the mouse that lived in the hole that he ran into when the cat was chasing him.
The two mice talked and became good friends; the other mouse's name was Bill.
Bill asked Hickory if he would come to his house and have some cheese with him.
Hickory said he would love to, so they went to Bill's house.
They had some cheese and crackers, talking and laughing late into the night.
All too soon, it was time for Hickory to head back to his own home.
After a few days Hickory went back to Bill's house to see if Bill would go on a trip with him.
Bill said, "Yes I would love to go with you. Where are we going and when are we leaving?"
Hickory said, "To the woods to camp out."
Bill said, "I like camping, it's a lot of fun!"
The next day Hickory woke up bright and early and went to Bill's house. Then he and Bill set out on their trip.
They walked for a long while and found a nice place to set up camp.
Bill was nervous; he felt as if something was looking at him. He told Hickory about it. Hickory said, "I hope it's not that big mean cat!"
Bill said, "It's not the cat, it's a hawk."
With a loud screech the hawk saw Bill and Hickory and flew straight at them!
"Look Out Bill!" Hickory cried.
At the same time the cat appeared.
Bill yelled, "Run Hickory, run!
The cat didn't want the hawk to get the mice; he wanted them for himself, so he ran at the hawk.
They both were going so fast that they ran into each other and in an explosion of fur and feathers they hit a tree.
They forgot about the mice and ran home to fix up their broken heads.
Hickory and Bill slowly came out of the hole in the tree where they had been hiding.
Feeling safe once again, they had a picnic of cheese, milk and cakes.
They went for a walk and saw pretty birds, rabbits and one crabby old bear!
They picked some pretty flowers and put them in a can with water.
Bill told Hickory the flowers were pretty.
The mice were getting tired so they took a little nap safely in the hole of a tree.
While they were sleeping the cat came sneaking back and tried to reach his paw into the hole, but luckily the hole wasn't big enough.
The cat tried to make the hole bigger but it was very hard work so he stopped for a rest and started to fall asleep.
Bill and Hickory weren't really sleeping; they were just fooling the cat.
As soon as the cat was sound asleep they escaped and hid safely in the woods.
When the cat woke up and saw the mice were gone, he got very angry and went back to his home.
Now that they didn't have to worry about the cat, Hickory and Bill continued their walk.
They went down to the creek and had a nice swim.
Soon they were getting hungry again so they sat down and finished the milk and cheese from earlier.
They continued to have fun, running and playing in the woods.
All too soon it was time to go.
Bill said, "I hope we can do this again sometime."
They packed up what was left of the food.
Hickory made it safely home.
He was very tired, so he went to bed and pulled the covers up to his nose and went to sleep.
Suddenly Hickory woke up screaming! Bill and he were being chased by the cat.
Then Hickory realised it was only a dream.
He laughed and laughed and went back to sleep.
The cat never bothered them again.
The mice had many more adventures and lived happily ever after together.
The End

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