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Children's Story: by
Pinku, a little squirrel, was fond of placing bets with her friend Tutu parrot; however she felt disappointed as she always lost the bet.
Poor Pinku was forced to offer five of her favourite nuts in return.
All her friends advised her to avoid any further betting but Pinku remained silent with a faint smile.
Tutu had lost one of his claws in a sharp dense bush, and his wings had also been damaged, so he moved with great effort and difficulty.
The entire group of squirrels always made fun of Pinku as she had not won even a single bet against Tutu.
There was a lot of activity and buzz around the jungle as the winner of the annual award for 'LOVING AND KIND HEARTED SOUL' was to be announced.
Everyone in the forest was quite sure that, like the previous two years, the award would to go to Melody sparrow. Melody was known all around the jungle as kind and noble soul; she was always present whenever anyone needed her help.
When the winner was announced the result was not surprising at all; the Jury had declared Melody as the winner.
She was called on to the stage to receive her prize, but when she stood there she announced, "I think Pinku is a deserving winner this year."
Everyone was very surprised by this unexpected announcement.
King lion asked her, "But why?"
"Everyone knows that Tutu needs help because of his physical shortcomings; he even needs support to arrange his food and no one joins him when he wants to play." Melody replied
"But has anyone ever noticed that Pinku places a bet with Tutu everyday only to lose and share her nuts with him?"
Melody stopped and then said "Has anyone ever thought why such a sharp squirrel, who can run so fast, loses a bet every single day to a helpless parrot? I bet no one here can defeat Pinku so easily."
The emotional words of Melody moved everyone to tears and everybody looked back to find Pinku standing in a corner happily supporting Tutu.
The King Lion announced "Come here Pinku, you deserve this award."
Pinku smiled at Tutu and together they strolled towards the stage to receive the prize.
The End
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