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  Dance In The Dust
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Wen heard hooves outside.
'Strange,' she thought, 'there are no horses around here.'
She opened her window.
"Hello, I am Gerda and I am a unicorn; please don't be frightened by my horn."
"We are Kilin, protectors of the Fabled Forest."
"Am I dreaming?"
"Your reputation precedes you," said Gerda.
"What do you mean?"
"The Forest Fairies desire to see you dance."
'Unicorns? Fairies? What next?' thought Wen.
Gerda told Wen about herself and her family.
Before long Wen felt totally at ease with her new friend.
Finally she said, "Let's go."
"Get on," said Gerda, and they trotted into the forest.
"Wei-fala, the Waterfall Fairy will join you soon; I will see you later."
After a few moments Wen heard a faint voice.
"Help, help, help."
"Where are you?" cried Wen.
"Hurry please."
Wen found the fairy on the waterfall, her foot trapped between two boulders.
"I see you now."
Wen grabbed a dead branch and extended it to the fairy, pulling her free.
"Thank you dear, you saved me; a strong wind blew me off course."
"I am Wen."
"Yes, I know."
The fairy flew onto Wen's outstretched hand.
"I am Wei-fala, the Waterfall Fairy. I am thrilled to make your acquaintance; my sisters will be thrilled, too."
"When will I meet them?"
"Soon, but first, tell me your greatest fear."
"I am afraid to dance in front of people."
Wei-fala selected three stones and sprinkled blue fairy dust on the first, pink on the second, and yellow on the third.
The stones became brightly colored balloons, each with a word written on it.
The words were fear, of, and crowds.
"Go ahead," said Wei-fala, "blow them toward the waterfall."
Wen blew the balloons onto the rocks, the first one Fear.
"Gone," Wei-fala exclaimed.
Next went Of.
"Gone," exclaimed Wei-fala once again.
Lastly, Crowds.
"Gone," they exclaimed together.
Wei-fala's ears wiggled.
The sound of flapping wings filled their ears.
"What is it?"
"Down," whispered Wei-fala, "Cators."
After the Cators had passed Wei-fala explained, "Cators have gigantic teeth and chew big chunks out of our trees."
"To sell to the highest bidder."
She also said that the Unicorns were waiting for the Cators at the Field of Dust and trouble could be brewing.
"I must join my brothers and sisters there; you will be safe here."
Wen waited by a white mulberry bush and was about to pick a berry when a young unicorn pulled up.
"I am Maxer; are you okay?" he asked, "My parents went to the Field of Dust; they said I was too young to go."
Wen had an idea. "Can you take me there?"
As they galloped along colossal clouds of dust rose above the tallest of trees.
The earth shook beneath their feet.
"The stomping has started," said the unicorn.
Wen and her new friend stopped by the edge of the clearing.
"What will you do?" asked Maxer.
"I will wing it."
The two sides stood in lines facing each other.
Hidden in the haze, Wen wound her way between them.
"Hey! Over here!" she yelled waving her arms.
The stomping stopped.
"Who is this human?" bellowed the Unicorn King.
"Get her out of here!" bellowed the Cator King.
Wen decided to do what she did best, she danced.
"My, my," whispered Gerda.
"She has ants in her pants," whispered Wei-fala.
The astonished warriors stared in disbelief as Wen whipped up her own cloud of dust.
When the dust settled, you could hear a pine needle drop.
A pair of teeth, clinging to a horn, floated in the air.
Wen guided this curious coupling to the ground, where it dissolved.
The Unicorns and Cators stared in silence and pondered its purpose.
Wen, covered with dust, raised her hand.
"Listen to me. It looks like you are stuck with each other, so can you get along? Well, can you?"
They remained mum.
"Well, indeed," said the Unicorn King, "all is well, indeed!"
"Agreed!" said the Cator King.
Wen watched as the Unicorns and Cators conversed with each other like long-lost comrades.
"I knew you'd be amazing," said Wei-fala, "and still, I must confess to being stunned by both your performance and its unexpected outcome."
"Thanks for believing in me," said Wen.
"Now, we definitely need a name for your dusty dance," said Gerda.
Wen smiled.
"How about Dance in the Dust?"

The End
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