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  Comparing Mumbai, India To New York City, Usa
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Have you ever compared and contrasted two cities at once.
In this article, I have compared and contrasted two cities named New York City and Mumbai. Both of those cities have spectacular places to visit and wonderful people. However, both are huge bustling cities.
Children's Story: by
The first, New York in the USA, is a gigantic city with about eight million people living there.
The city is tremendously crowded and filled with old parks, shows on Broadway, and lots of shops.
You could buy practically anything in NYC, from purses to an iPhone!
Like most major cities it can be dirty and dusty.
There are a lot of homeless people who live there and sleep on the streets.
It is pretty sad to think about.
There is also a lot of graffiti and art work/designs on red brick walls.
Children's Story: by
There are many subways and taxis that cruise around the city.
In New York City there are apartments and skyscrapers that stretch to the sky!
There are some of the most famous buildings there, like the World Trade Centre, the Empire State Building, and Times Square.
Children's Story: by
I admire those buildings a very much.
Many people go there for visits and office work.
Though some of the schools are not so good because of poor funding, the kids enjoy NYC.
There are games, carnivals, face painting; you name it!
I just wish I could live there too, that is my dream, and it would be awesome!
Children's Story: by
The second city, Mumbai, is in a country called India.
Mumbai is a jam packed city of about eleven million people and is a spectacular place to visit.
Children's Story: by
There are many shops and bazaars which sell jewellery and dresses inside the store.
Mumbai is a place that is very popular in India.
It is a wealthy city and always well lit at night.
Children's Story: by
Cars drive up and down the roads everyday non-stop! People also use auto rickshaws and taxis instead of driving.
The wealth is only kept for the rich and not the poor, so many people over there are poor.
The roads are narrow and there is a lot of litter on the ground, the litter piles up more and more each year.
I also want to live here!
Both cities feel different and yet the same.
They are both really crowded and many people travel in and out each day! Another reason why they are similar is because there are a lot of poor and homeless people in both cities that need our help!
There is a difference in their populations.
Mumbai has a population of eleven million, and NYC has a population of eight million; that is a big difference.
The last reason why they are different is that each city uses different transportation.
NYC uses cars taxis and trains/subways.
Mumbai uses cars' rickshaws, autos, and boats.
Which one would I live in if I had a choice?
I don't know, both of them are really awesome places to live!
Nonetheless, if I had to choose, it would be NYC.
I love to see huge skyscrapers and Times Square, they are awe-inspiring!
I hope you enjoyed my comparison and contrast of the two cities as they are both great cities.
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