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  A Sprite Named Moonglow
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Little Moonglow was an Indian child who died and came back as a Sprite.
Sprites have unusual powers; they do not engage in fun activities or adorn themselves as fairies do. Children often see Sprites in their gardens or during a walk in the woods, but grown-ups cannot see them.
Sprites often come into one's life during difficult times.

Moonglow sat on her friend's shoulder while they went together for a walk.
You can do this if you are a sprite.
Sprites are smaller than fairies, so they fit nicely on one's shoulder.
Children's Story: by
One day she and her pal Billy went down to the river to catch frogs.
Moonglow wore her best velvet dress, the one with the sequins.
"Oh dear" she sighed looking at her reflection in the river water.
"I should not be wearing nice things to catch frogs."
Billy, her friend, regarded his pint- sized companion and shrugged his shoulders.
"No problem for you, a sprite. Just make some magic and poof, you are clean."
'Easier said than done' thought Moonglow. She was not in possession of this power.
Although she could, if she wanted, disappear and so no one could see she got her best dress dirty.
Children's Story: by
Billy carried a pail with holes in it for breathing to keep the frogs once caught.
They worked as a team.
Moonglow could levitate herself over the banks of the river to spot their prey.
Once she pointed it out, Billy waded over to make the easy catch.
He put them one by one into the pail and carried the pail over to the bank.
Much to Moonglows'surprise one of the frogs began to speak.
"Don't eat me please!" croaked the frog.
"You can talk?" Moonglow asked.
"Yes, I am really a sprite like you, but an evil sorcerer turned me into a frog."
Moonglow, like all sprites, despised evil doings and swore there and then to thwart these dark doings.
Sorcerers were forever turning her fellow sprites into this, into that, frogs being the worst of the lot. It was high time they were stopped.
She turned to Billy, resumed her seat on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.
"We must do something to help poor Mr. Frog" she said.
Billy nodded in agreement, "But how can we help?"
"I have a plan." Moonglow answered "We can trick the sorcerer into restoring him.
The frog, formerly a sprite, croaked and jumped about.
At last, after hundreds of years as a frog he found hope to be restored to his former self.
Billy sensed an adventure in the works, and he also became excited, but also a little afraid.
"I am going to call up the sorcerer to appear before us." said Moonglow.
"Won't work," Billy said. "You know sorcerers never ever appear to anyone or anything."
"Watch this, stand back." she told Billy,
Moonglow asked the frog the name of the sorcerer who put this spell on him.
"It was Zulu the terrible, the magnificent, the most powerful of all the sorcerers."
Moonglow grimaced.
"Oh well, all I can do is try."
She puffed out her chest and let out a deep breath, then she repeated a little chant.
"Oh, mighty pixie in the sky, give me fire."
(It was not necessary to chant, but Moonglow loved a chance to be dramatic. Sprites believed all other creatures to be much too serious).
Children's Story: by
She threw out her arm and pointed her finger into empty space.
She was channelling cosmic radiation and turning it into blasts of heat.
This created a cosmic force which cannot be seen by humans, although it is felt by sorcerers and witches and it is quite disturbing to them.
Zulu came to investigate, followed by several sorcerers and witches.
His imposing figure crackled with supernatural magic and power.
"Who dares to disturb me!" Zulu echoed from the sky.
Moonglow quickly turned herself invisible. Poof!
Zulu looked down and saw a lot of frogs.
He decided it would not be good for many frogs to be using supernatural powers, as Mr. Frog appeared to own.
Zulu quickly cast a grand reverse spell on any frog, who was formerly a sprite and under a spell.
Suddenly dozens of little sprites popped up out of nowhere, including Mr. Frog.
He stretched out his elf arms, remarking,
"Ah that feels so good, how can I ever thank you Moonglow?
There was no need for thanks, Moonglow explained, for it was every sprites duty to be helpful.
'Every day was an adventure with his little pal Moonglow,' Billy thought.
Even frog catching.
How lucky he felt, she was sent to him to be helpful.
Children's Story: by
Tomorrow, Moonglow promised to show Billy a fairy's hollow, deep in the forest.
He slept that night having dreams of what tomorrow will bring.

The End

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