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  A Cloud Story
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Children's Story: by
Once upon a time, not so long ago, lived a boy named Danny.
Danny was a good boy, but he had not had an easy life.
On this particular winter morning Danny stared out the window of his new bedroom at the snowflakes swirling around outside.
Before he had moved into his new home, he had lived in Florida.
This was the first time he had ever seen snow, it was a beautiful sight and eased the tension that had grown in anticipation of the new life ahead of him.
His foster parents seemed nice, they had welcomed him with a party in his honor , given him his own bedroom, a loft so large it could serve as a spacious studio apartment.
Danny even had his own bathroom.
Tomorrow he would start at a new school, commencing a fresh start.
Despite the warmth of his new family and the opportunity that awaited him, Danny felt a space in his heart that invaded his thoughts and was always lingering, despite his grandest attempts to distract himself.
His two brothers had been adopted together by a family in Florida.
Because Danny had some behavioral issues, the couple did not feel like they could adopt him too.
The last contact he had with them was six months ago, right before their adoption was finalized.
He often wondered what it would be like if they were together right now, to play one more game of soccer and hide and seek, to have one more phone call and hear their voices one last time. In his darkest moments Danny felt as though he had been forgotten, and tossed aside,
Morning turned into midday, then afternoon and then night, as the first day of his new life passed. He went shopping for items in his room, had dinner with his new family and hoped each new experience would drown out the memories of his former life.
As he laid his head upon his pillow that evening, staring out of the large picture window at the winter sky, a large tear fell from his eye.
Despite the friendly faces that now promised to give him a better life, Danny felt scared and alone. He wanted to see his brothers, to talk to them and know that they were happy.
As the tear slipped down his cheek and touched his pillow, a strange thing happened.
Danny heard a loud BUMP at his window, thinking he was dreaming Danny blinked his eyes open, then shut.
He heard it again, twice this time, BUMP BUMP.
Unable to contain his curiosity, Danny ran to the window and unlatched the hook. The winter air filled the room.
The sky outside was clear, and painted with bright stars.
Danny sighed and went to close the window when BUMP!
The noise startled him so much that he nearly fell over.
"What was that!" he cried.
He looked up and saw nothing, left and right was clear, but then he looked down.
A small white, bright puffy cloud almost glowing hovered ever so gently beneath the window sill.
"What is this?" Danny asked aloud to himself.
The wisps of the cloud formed a wise but kind face.
The cloud said to Danny, "I know what's been troubling you, I've come to take you on a journey".
Danny was frightened, he must be having a dream.
He reached out and touched the little cloud, it was warm and soft.
The little cloud looked at him once more. "We only have so much time, come with me and seek what you must find".
Danny wasn't sure he trusted the little cloud, but couldn't resist.
He grabbed his coat and hat and hopped out of his window and onto the little cloud. The cloud whisked him away through the winter night sky.
As they traveled, Danny could feel the air becoming warmer on his skin.
Below, he could see the landscape changing from snowy hilltops to lush, green flat lands.
Once he could make out a palm tree, he knew they were in Florida.
The little cloud arrived at the window of a single story house.
Danny peeked inside to see two boys sleeping in their beds.
The little cloud bumped the window sill to give it a shudder.
Both boys sat up in their beds at once.
They looked around, still drowsy from sleep, unable to find the cause of the noise that disturbed their slumber.
Danny was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement to see them, that he almost fell off the cloud.
He knocked on the window and waved frantically.
Both boys came running to the window, opened it wide and embraced Danny in their arms.
His brothers cried, "we thought we would never see you again".
Danny climbed over the window sill and entered their room.
One of his brothers ran to the kitchen to get them a snack of hot chocolate and crackers.
They laughed as they told stories of their crazy antics and told Danny all about their new life with their adoptive parents.
After what had seemed like a very short time, the little cloud gave a BUMP at the windowsill, and Danny knew it was time to go.
The brothers embraced in a big hug and told each other to be strong.
Danny gave them one last hug and hopped on the cloud.
He smiled at the boys as he waved goodbye, he did not want them to see him cry.
The cloud whisked him away, back in to the night sky.
Over the lush, green landscape until the air became cold again, and the snow once again covered the hills that lay below.
The little cloud arrived at Danny's window.
Once inside, Danny turned to the cloud, "Thank you so much, that was the best present anyone could have given me".
The cloud smiled and replied, "you are welcome".
As the cloud turned to go Danny called after it "Cloud!"
"Yes, Danny" responded the cloud.
"How do I call you if I need you, how will I ever see my brothers again, I forgot to even get their address or phone number," he cried, suddenly panicking.
The cloud was calm, and replied, "You need not worry, you can find them again, you can always find them, you can go there on a cloud."
With that, the little cloud vanished into the night air and was gone.
Danny stood staring out of his window for several minutes waiting for the cloud to return.
When it did not, Danny went to his bed and tried to sleep but he tossed and turned, puzzled by what the cloud had said.
Go there on a cloud? But how? He wasn't even sure of how he arrived there the first time.
Suddenly, it was morning.
His foster mother was calling him for breakfast.
Danny washed, dressed and shuffled down the stairs.
Today was his first day at the new school.
As he picked up a spoonful of cereal, his foster mother laid a white envelope next to him.
"This came in the mail for you yesterday!" she said.
Danny turned the envelope over in his hands, as he had never received a letter before, this was his first one.
He carefully opened the crisp white envelope that seemed to glow as he gently tore through the seal.
Inside, was a letter addressed to him!
It read:
Dear Danny,
We are writing this letter to you, hoping that you are well, we have missed you so very much.
It has taken our new parents all this time to find you.
We hear this is your new home address.
How are you, do you still play soccer?
Is there anyone at your new house to play hide and seek with?
We hope you are safe and happy.
Please write us back soon.
We Love You,
Sean and Jeff
Included in the letter was their phone number, email and home address.
Danny lept up from the breakfast table so happy he could burst.
He showed the letter to his new parents.
His foster mother told him that she would take him shopping for a laptop after
school so he could email them tonight.
Danny nearly skipped out the door to school with the letter neatly folded in his shirt pocket.
He was ready, it was going to be OK.
His brothers had found him, they had searched and found him, he had not been forgotten.
Danny held a renewed sense of hope, one that no one could ever steal away.
If he found doubt creeping in he could always find it them again.
He could always get back, he could go there on a cloud.
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