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  Amy And The Icy World
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

About a year ago now, Amy Tanton lived with her Mum, Dad and Brother Joe.
Amy had wonderful long blonde hair which glistened as the sun beamed on it.
She was eleven and she was going to start at her new school(Hilton Heath High).
As she was walking with a skip in her step it began to get foggier then it was pitch black!
Suddenly she falls, she is terrified!
She closes her eyes tightly but she can feel something cold, she carefully opens her eyes.
It's snow!
She was in an icy world full of snow and coldness!
Now that she was in the icy world she decided to have a walk around.
She could see the beautiful snowy land and could hear teensy little waves as though she was close to water.
She came across a sign saying "Spectacular snowy scene" and an arrow pointing east.
Suddenly she bumped into a group of animals, they were polar bears!
They were so fluffy and soft you see could even see their noses twinkling in the light.
"Oh," she panicked as the polar bears began to talk and it was her language! "Hello" she called to one of them, "My name is Amy."
"Hello" replied a cheerful one "Nice to meet you, my name is Pennie, Pennie the polar bear."
Amy had started something off there, a long chatter!
They all agreed that they should carry on walking, until they came across Musk Oxen footprints!
(According to one old polar bear, because his mother once had a fight with one) They stopped, turned around and began to walk the other way, hoping the musk ox would not follow their easily recognisable path in the snow!
They were all plodding along behind a cliff of snow when the leader suddenly stopped them and said, "be quiet"
But why, they all thought to themselves.
"There is a herd of musk oxen" he had whispered.
There was a sudden gasp of horror that struck all of them!
But what was this coming around the corner, it was three musk oxen, at this moment they all screamed their heads off in worry!
They ran here, there, and everywhere.
They stopped and looked at Amy, they then silently formed a circle around Amy trying to protect her from any danger.
One ox looked like it was ready to charge, it had his head down and fierce looks in his eyes!
The ox was coming towards her, coming closer and closer, he's about a metre away!
Amy turns around she can't bear the thought of the revolting oxen hurting her.
A whole minute felt like an hour, she slowly turned around hoping she wasn't too soon.
But there weren't any unattractive oxen, you could just about see them galloping off into the horizon, but there were a lot of badly wounded bears!
Amy was distraught!
"I am extremely sorry" Amy said, crying
"That's OK" a polar bear replied, choking!
They staggered along the icy land and came across a wooden shed, they decided they would stay there for the night.
(At least it would be better than nothing would!)
Whilst Amy was in the shed she helped them get better from their tragic accident, because when she was at girl guides she had learnt a bit of first aid! She helped by poring chilly cold water on their wounds.
Luckily there were some towels in the tatty shed, so she wrapped their wounds in them!
She thought she should help them the best she could because they had saved her life.
That night in the dreaded shed Amy wondered how she was going to get back home, she thought long and hard about this all night.
Tuesday morning had arrived and she had thought of a load of ways to try and get home.
First she tried closing her eyes, that didn't help she just ended up going to sleep.
Secondly she tried sliding down a slippery slope in skies, she hurt her nose badly by doing that! Very badly indeed!
Next she tried springing off a small icy hill, even that didn't work!
The final thing she was willing to try was jumping into spiritless seas, that is why it was last.
After saying goodbye to the polar bears for the forth time she jumped in!
She could see things twirling around her like a hurricane and could hear nothing but wind!
She suddenly found herself outside her own front door, she assumed that she would get a big telling off.
But she came in and it was the same time as it was when she fell over, then she looked at the calendar, Monday hadn't been crossed off yet. It was still 24.10.05, she couldn't believe it!
Her family didn't even notice she had gone!
So she set off to school and made a new friend called Sally.
Whenever it was foggy she would always meet her bitter friends in the Antarctic! But Amy had always thought why she ended up there in the first place and never actually found out!
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