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This Weeks Featured Children's Story
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Martha Moonstone
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Children's Story: Martha Moonstone by Vicki Vaughan
Martha Moonstone was a very clever witch,
but the plans she made never went without a hitch.
She wore a black pointy hat, covered in crescent moons and a giant gold star,
with a long black and gold cloak that glowed from afar.
Children's Story: Martha Moonstone by Vicki Vaughan
Two witches, familiars, lived with her in her little thatched house,
Fangoria, the sharp toothed bat, and Mangaloria her sneaky old cat,
Fangoria was loyal, always did as he was told,
But Mangaloria would rather chase a mouse
as to him, that was a game that never got old.
Martha once was making an important potion
when he knocked over her cauldron pans with a loud bang,
The bubbling liquid flooded all over the floor,
And even trickled out under Martha Moonstone's front door!
Children's Story: Martha Moonstone by Vicki Vaughan
The local farmer was completely agog
When it turned his prize sheep into hopping frogs!
A very upset Martha thought witches' cats were now a bad idea
and she should have a dog instead
So poor old Mangaloria went off to sulk under his bed.
Children's Story: Martha Moonstone by Vicki Vaughan
Then Martha thought of a spell to magic up a dog, while loyal Fangoria perched on her head.
Martha soon had the exact spell and began to chant out loud,
Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, a little black dog appeared and she felt so proud!
But her instant delight turned to fright
When the little dog sprouted a pair of golden scaly dragons wings,
And when he tried to bark out came a puff of smoke of all things!
Oh dear! It seems that Martha Moonstone, the very clever witch,
Had once again made a plan with a hitch,
Her dog spell had gone so very wrong,
Instead, she'd conjured up a dragon dog
So perhaps witches cats aren't so bad all along.
The little dragon dog gave her a kiss on the cheek,
And Martha thought he was actually quite sweet,
What he needs now is a name she thought,
I know, Ragonoria, is the perfect name for this strange dragon dog sort.
Could all four of them get along well?
The Witch with a hitch, the sharp toothed bat, the sneaky old cat and the dragon dog.
Only time would tell.
Children's Story: Martha Moonstone by Vicki Vaughan
Martha Moonstone now had three familiars to help her with being a Witch,
So, would her plans ever go without hitch?
Probably not, but when it came to fun and companionship,
she was a very rich Witch!
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